Unfinished Business – The Beyond: Two Souls Review Story

We promised that you haven’t heard the last from us, so the Daily Reaction crew of Sebastian Moss and Dan Oravasaari are back, and what better way to make a comeback than by calling out another ‘journalist?’ - PSLS

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Foolsjoker1863d ago

I think I might have already...both sides.

Lykon1863d ago

gamers can be such a horny , open minded , try anything sort crowd. I want you all inside me one after the other until i look like a painters radio.

Nes_Daze1863d ago

Seems like a decent game, I personally have no interest in it, not my cup of tea, but with so many good games out for the PS3, and then preparing for PS4 launch, I'm not losing any sleep over skipping on this title.

showtimefolks1863d ago (Edited 1863d ago )

been playing the game, over 7 hours in and as a indigo prophecy and heavy rain fan, B2S is better than both when it comes to gameplay, story i haven't finished yet but till now its keeping pace and overall has been excellent

best review i have found so far has been rev3games, not because they gave it 5/5 because others have given it that too. but because Tara doesn't like quick time events and she reviewed B2S and loved it, check it out

knifefight1863d ago

You sound like my soul talking! Thanks for the info!

khyu77771863d ago

so far 73 on metacritic. not good. even gears of war judgment scored better

showtimefolks1863d ago

please just don't off overall reviews, look at how many 90s and 5/5 it got, this is one of those love/hate and no middle ground sort of game

try it if you like david cage's other games

_QQ_1863d ago

It seems the negative reviews don't come from people not understanding david cage's work as much as the story being that of a B movie, at least in their opinion.Ive never played the game.

showtimefolks1863d ago (Edited 1863d ago )

You look at IGN for example the person reviewing that didn't play David cage's other games and she didn't like gameplay. I mean come on, going not B2S you knew the gameplay is exact copy of heavy rain with improvements

Also how come some reviewers loved the sour while other said it was all vet the place

Take it from another game, I am almost finished with the game. It's an amazing journey to take. After the 3rd hour or so the story picks up and damn man that's a thriller ride

I will say it again don't let the negative reviews hold you back, when gaming media is either loving or hating than play it for yourself and make up our own mind

If you liked indigo prophecy or heavy rain than you will love it, simple as that

Bundi1863d ago

Did you really have to pull out the tired cod/madden excuse? Lots of reviewers who loved Heavy Rain hate Beyond so let's put away this silly excuse shall we?

Also, there are plenty of 6's and 7's so it isn't all love/hate, there are a healthy sprinklings of men's out there too for the game.

By the way, reviewers are gamers too.

Lykon1863d ago

heavy rain scored well because it attempted to do something different (even though it was shit) Beyond assholes is getting bad reviews because being different isn't good enough in itself ... not twice... it has to be an interesting story and the 'interaction' has to work well. David Cage has dined out enough on his(?) idea and the industry is just trying to calm his ego a bit. He might be good as a less prominent part of a development team maybe

showtimefolks1863d ago

yeh your opinion matters so much, heavy rain is an excellent game, and so was indigo prophecy but i guess your best game is every COD and Madden

Lykon1863d ago

I've played a couple of the earlier COD's single player... but not really into war shooters and definitely not online COD. I'm pleased you enjoy them (heavy rain etc) . I kind of like the idea but not the implementation. And I find Cage's enthusiasm for himself a bit odious.

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