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Microsoft’s Albert Penello Talks More on Xbox One’s Kinect and Advertising: “I hope we never do it”

The sea has been fairly stormy around Kinect and and the Xbox One in the past few days, due to an article on Advertising Age that implied that Kinect is going to be used as some sort of Troy Horse to gather our data and use it for advertisement purposes. While Microsoft is seeking a correction on the article itself, Director of Product Planning Albert Penello provided a further clarification and his personal opinion on the feature. (Albert Penello, Xbox One)

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johndoe11211  +   695d ago | Well said
"Me personally, and I’ll get in trouble for saying this… I don’t like it at all. I wish we never talked about it, and I hope we never do it."


good one Albert.
Mad Aizen  +   695d ago
Oh boy. There's a facepalm in here somewhere. Just don't talk anymore MS. Just show games and your console. The talking is getting you into massive trouble.
TechMech2  +   695d ago
Why Microsoft? Maybe nobody from Microsoft should talk about Xbox one until launch. Everyday is a statement that negates the previous statement. All this terrible marketing has made me question whether I even want a Xbox one
FamilyGuy  +   695d ago
The problem is that they already said they were going to do this. Basically have kinect notice things in your home and advertise to you based on the things they think would relate.
Bag of chips on the table = doritos ads
Fast food = mcdonalds ads
basketball = NBA2K ads

Geez, they even had that patent that would allow them to monitor how many people were sitting around your tv while you watched a movie rented off the system with the ability to lock you out if too many were present. MS was ridiculous before all the 180s, it's hard to trust them.
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Pogmathoin  +   695d ago
Can it tell a hooker or neighbour? ;)
shoddy  +   695d ago
He's an honest man.
dedicatedtogamers  +   695d ago
This is all you need to know:


(and this was BEFORE the Xbox 360 even launched)

For those too lazy to check, Balmer said "the bedrock of Microsoft today is advertisers, advertisers, advertisers".
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miyamoto  +   695d ago
yEAH SO THERE IS A STRONG POSSIBILITY they will do it if the need arises because this feature is ment to be in the first place. Another 180 again and again.
RyuCloudStrife  +   695d ago
So it is proven, in order for them to know what to advertise to you they have to watch you and listen to you to find out about you in order to know what you want or might be interested in.

So kinect will spy on you, he just "hopes" they won't use that information to advertise to you LOL, wow keep digging that hole M$.
UltimateMaster  +   695d ago
This is the reason why I don't want the kinect.
I don't trust Microsoft with all this data.

What's even the gameplay value that a game developer could implement in a game in the first place?
It just looks like the eye of the Terminator to me.
G20WLY  +   695d ago
He says they only collect biometric data from users where they opt in and there is a tick box in the settings...

Do they though? :/

Or do they actually only NOT collect this data if the user knows to uncheck (and manages to find!) the box, which is opted in by default?

The two are very different approaches. My bet's on the second option given MS sneaky tactics... :(
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_FantasmA_  +   694d ago
Thats why I call it the Mitt Romney console. "47% percent of you are freeloaders." Next day: "I love all 100% of you." This ex-box is just trying to get more votes, and by votes I mean money. Once it has the money, it will go back bending over its xbots like they did with their other 2 consoles. Its what they do.
nypifisel  +   694d ago
Lol don't talk? Don't do these things to begin with perhaps? It's a god send they even slip out, what would've happened if they weren't? Would the Xbox collect information about us without us knowing about it? Can't believe MS would go to such lengths to earn money "on" their customers.

Contemplate this for a second. You're paying for a premium service (Live) and you still get advertised to, what the heck? Not only that, they're willing to share your information to god knows which companies, and you're paying for it. MS has no love for games, they love your MONEY!
mewhy32  +   694d ago
I think that it's good that micro$oft keeps talking. That's the only way that we are going to be able to see what is really in store for gamers that buy the bone. better to find out now that the kinect does collect data about you (like I've been saying from the beginning) rather than after you've spent 500.00.
Septic  +   694d ago
Panello has been as frank as he could here. Honestly what more do you want him to do or say?

"I’m going to summarize one more time our stance on this, since people think I dodge the question. It’s what I’ve said before, it’s what the PR team just reiterated, and it turns out it’s what Yusuf said last week."

There you go....can everyone stop being so juvenile and blowing things out of proportion now? If Microsoft go back and start using data contrary to what has said here, then go ahead and whinge.
gaffyh  +   694d ago
I said it as soon as the Xbone was announced, it is not about gaming for MS, they want to get as big an install base as possible, so they can rake it in from advertising and data collection. That's why they've been pushing Kinect, because they want to be able to figure out if people are actually looking at the ads.
scott182  +   694d ago
lol, how the hell do these people even get hired at Microsoft? This is getting ridiculous.
nukeitall  +   694d ago
Ms has already said you have to opt-in, but that said, is advertisement bad?

I mean, it is all around you, and most of the time you aren't even aware of it. There is good and bad advertisment, and frankly some of the content discovery stuff MS does has been pretty awesome.

There are a couple of movies I want to watch and a couple games I want to play thanks to advertisement on the dashboard.

The key here is NOT in your face, and relevant. MS has been doing good so far.
jmc8888  +   694d ago
Don't forget how much money corporations can make or save if they know your data.

Those Doritos chips and soda...it can log how many you eat, the frequency, and that data can make Microsoft and/or the gov't a lot or money to various insurers.

Think of it this way.

You know how you've been told not to post certain info onto facebook because it can be used against you. Not just now, but 20-50 years from now?

Well the easy thing was to either, not use facebook or other social media site, or to be careful what you post.

That's easy to control. What's harder to control?

Everything that Kinect sees. Because for the rest of your life there will be info about you, your habits, tied to your face.

What is your phone or internet browser history linked to?? Mostly to person subscribing to the internet...but this is faulty as it could be anyone in the house and then some.

But your FACE, is YOUR FACE. They can link everything back to you. Every beer or soda, or twinkie, or sugar filled cereal, fast food bag, etc, etc.

Any data from this can and will be monitored. Just like the IRS is monitoring Facebook. You know to see if your party and travel lifestyle among other things matches with the money you claimed to make.

Yes people, morons have no idea how their info can be used to exploit, deny, and prevent them from something or other. How Kinect can literally double or triple your insurance premiums.

Of COURSE they will do it. They pay out tens to hundreds of billions a year. You think someone doesn't want to get promoted or a big bonus or raise by saving the insurance firm money by selling you down the river based on your Kinect data?

Of course they will. It's just business. Resetting your rate based on all the new info is but one example of what can be done.

Like I said, AT LEAST they allow people, the ones who aren't complete morons, to ditch the camera. That was a big step. But still alot of fools have no idea and have bought into the meme that if Bill Gates wants to see them in their underwear, that this is the worst that can happen. I call those people dumber then a love child between Snookie and Mr. Ed.
UltimateMaster  +   694d ago
The heart beat sensor makes me think of the new Predators with Adrian Brody.

Predator: "Using heat signature protocol. Cannot find him with walls of flame."
Predator: "Using heart beat protocol. Got you Motherf*cker!"
MazzingerZ  +   694d ago
They will advertise of course, I assume people getting an X1 is 100% aware of this
joe90   695d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(9)
Kingthrash360  +   695d ago
its stuff like this makes me have zero trust with them...its gettin...no its already beyond ridiculous they way they are spraying customer retardant on the x1...im offcially delaying my x1 purchase from 2014 to 2015. i really think they intend to do underhanded wallet rape and i want no part in it.
vigilante_man  +   694d ago
Am buying a PS4. If I was buying a XB1 the first thing I would do is put away the Kinnect for a few months then only use it for specific games/entertainment. Then I would be annoyed at having to pay more for the Kinnect when I do not want to use it.

I hope we are all wrong and Microsoft behave themselves with this...
THamm  +   695d ago
Its like if nothing was leaked, they would've tucked it all away until after everyone was fooled. Remember the "We'll have more info in a few months" routine...
kayoss  +   695d ago
I think the key words are "...I HOPE...". Shouldn't it say "we will never do it".?
Mystogan  +   695d ago
He has no control over it. So all he can do is hope.
PSVita  +   695d ago
It's like they go into forums after they make a statement and if theres a negative reaction to it they renounce it.
Mystogan  +   695d ago
They never made that statement. It was a stupid site making false claims. That seems to be all the rage these days.
PSVita  +   695d ago
How was it a false statement when it's true?
rainslacker  +   695d ago

They announced it proudly at their reveal event. Forgive me if I'm wrong, but wouldn't the reveal be a case of them announcing it?

It's funny how Xbox fans want to just ignore the reveal event. There are times when I wish I could forget it myself....but I have therapy for that.
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dj3boud  +   695d ago
Overpriced Console and Live service AND Advertisements!?.. i know where to take my money this generation.
H0RSE  +   695d ago
In all fairness, advertising is king - it is a key factor in running the cyclical consumption machine that powers our economy. Advertising sinks its claws into virtually any and everything it can where it seems profitable. Consider this - TV commercials didn't always exist, yet if you pay for a cable subscription now, it is laden with advertisements.

Also to be fair, XBL was largely considered the superior service for many years, in terms of c0ntent, functionality and security. Remember, it wasn't XBL that got hacked and shutdown for a month...

And to go even further, the device in question here, the Kinect, is completely optional. Yes, all Xbox One's come bundled with it, but you don't have to ever use it. The console also comes bundled with a headset, and I know many gamers (me included) you have third part headsets, likely will never use it.
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nypifisel  +   694d ago

That's so apologetic! Sony never put ads in their gaming machines. HBO doesn't have commercials and so on and so on. Just because many does it doesn't mean it's the best thing for you. Like getting paid for Live wasn't enough, they have to squeeze even more money out of you. And the hacking could've just as easily happen to MS as it did to Sony, it had nothing to do with lack of security (I'm inclined to believe both companies deal with it the same way)Sony just happened to be the victim this time - I honestly hope Live gets it someday so we could hear the end of these stupid remarks.
H0RSE  +   694d ago

"Sony never put ads in their gaming machines. HBO doesn't have commercials and so on and so on."

- HBO does have commercials, they're just advertisements for its own products/programming, like when they announce about a world premiere of a movie or a boxing match in such a way as to want you to keep paying for the service, that's adverting. Anytime premium channels have free weekends or other promotions for their service, that's advertising. I can't speak for Sony, I don't use their products.

"Just because many does it doesn't mean it's the best thing for you."

- I never implied it was...

"Like getting paid for Live wasn't enough, they have to squeeze even more money out of you."

- How are they squeezing more money out of me by having ads on their service? Hulu Plus has ads on it - are they somehow squeezing money out of me as well by doing this? If you are implying that the ads "made" me want to buy a product, well that's the result of the ad, not MS or xbox - it wouldn't matter what medium it was on.

"And the hacking could've just as easily happen to MS as it did to Sony.."

- but it didn't...

"it had nothing to do with lack of security."

- it actually did - that's what a "security breach" is - bypassing security, usually due to a weakness in protocols or a lack of altogether. If their security was better, they likely wouldn't have been hacked. Sony even admitted that certain user information was not encrypted at the time of the intrusion, which was one of the largest data security breaches in history.

Security experts Eugene Lapidous of AnchorFree, Chester Wisniewski of Sophos Canada and Avner Levin of Ryerson University criticized Sony, questioning its methods of securing user data. Lapidous called the breach "difficult to excuse" and Wisniewski called it "an act of hubris or simply gross incompetence."
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BallsEye  +   694d ago
Taken out of the context. FOr people who didn't read article he is talking about gathering information, not about Kinect itself

"Me personally, and I’ll get in trouble for saying this… I don’t like it at all. I wish we never talked about it, and I hope we never do it. Someone posted a link to something similar being said around the original Kinect, and we never did anything. I’m hopeful the same holds true here."

And he is telling the truth. X360 kinect never gathered any information or spied on you. Internet trolls were afraid of old kinect too.
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GreenRanger  +   695d ago
I hope you never do it, too. Not in front of your Kinect, at least...
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G20WLY  +   695d ago
Selling user data for the sake of targeted advertising is one thing, but my God, I hope they don't start selling 'hide the sausage' videos to the porn industry! :O

I know they find it hard to pass up on a potential revenue stream, but this makes me gag just thinking about it! lol
thebudgetgamer  +   695d ago
Microsoft makes more follow up comments than Peter Falk.

Also I hate Troy Horses.
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Abriael  +   695d ago
To be fair, people complained that they didn't communicate enough just a few months ago...
OrangePowerz  +   695d ago
That was about not communicating enough clearly by only throwing information out and not clarifying it. It`s not much different now because Penello said in the last few days every time something different when he talked about that subject.
MRMagoo123  +   695d ago
like orange said, it was them not being clear not just talking. I have seen a few posts from ppl like edonus that are about 4 pages worth of words but none of it meant anything, there is a big diff between talking and communicating.
thekhurg  +   695d ago
Every single time this guy speaks, it's just word vomit. He needs to have a gag order and removed from all community interaction.
Devilbringer  +   695d ago
*I’m going to summarize one more time our stance on this, since people think I dodge the question. It’s what I’ve said before, it’s what the PR team just reiterated, and it turns out it’s what Yusuf said last week.

We are not working on anything using biometric data from Kinect or anywhere else to target advertising.
No personal information leaves the Xbox One Console
The only biometric data we collect, are voice samples to improve our recognition engine. We only do that when a consumer opts in. There is a very clear checkbox in the Settings menu.
IF anything like this ever gets implemented, we will be clear to consumers and give them the ability to control it. We have historically posed this information online, not buried in a complicated EULA, and I see no reason to think that will change.*

Sounds good. :P
n4rc  +   695d ago
Good to post this for those that only read comments and not articles. Lol
OrangePowerz  +   695d ago
So there is no function for that but a very clear checkbox in the settings for something that doesn`t exist?
Death  +   695d ago
The only data collected is for voice samples if a customer opts in for it. Was it really that difficult to understand?
Grimhammer00  +   695d ago
I agreed it sounds good.....but not believable.
Goku781  +   695d ago
TV that watches you.....this never ends well.

Goku781  +   695d ago
Before your Xbox dies, you see the ring.....
OrangePowerz  +   695d ago
They can`t even make up their mind, earlier today it was "will not target ads to you based on any data Kinect collects unless you choose to allow us to do so."

Now it is "We are not working on anything using biometric data from Kinect or anywhere else to target advertising."

Talk about not getting your message straight changing their statements on a daily basis.

Also why the hell did they even start talking about that in the first place?
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n4rc  +   695d ago
Actually read the article... Then pay attention to the authors finals words..

"I have to agree with that. Let’s all hope that this kind of intrusive feature will remain a marketer’s wet dream and nothing more."
LordDhampire  +   695d ago
I wouldn't mind it that much, all they would get from me is diet coke....thats all I drink

I don't mind coke ads, I can dig it
dantesparda  +   694d ago
I dont know how you can eat/drink "diet" anything, yuck!
boeso  +   695d ago
Frustrating. I swear gaming wasnt this complicated back in the good old days. I want to go back.
TechMech2  +   695d ago
I'm pretty sure it was. Remember hey you pikachu? Yeah. I'm sure it was watching everybody. Always.
Godmars290  +   695d ago
But Pikachu is always watching. Always.
johndoe11211  +   695d ago
Sorry dude, but you're gonna have to go further back than that. I bet he was talking about the GOOD old days, the days of pong, adventure, asteroids and combat. At least I hope he was talking about those days.

Damn, gaming was simpler then. You had a control with one stick in the center and one button in the top right hand corner and there were no console wars. The only thing we argued about was what was the best atari game.

Good times............
nategrigs  +   695d ago
This really gets to the heart of why I wont get the xbone. They can say that its not an add box, but they haven't done anything to prove it. I still haven't seen the Kinect being used to add anything worthwhile to a game. Sony is treating us like gamers, listening to complaints from last gen (controller/psn), and fixing them to motivate people to buy the ps4. Microsoft assumes people will buy the box and tried to figure out how to maximize their profit
Death  +   695d ago
So you are saying that they haven't done anything to make it an addbox, they actually said they aren't going to make it an addbox and we haven't seen any proof that they are making it an addbox, but you still aren't sure if it will be an addbox...

Forget the enhancements to the Xbox controller, what you see is improvements to the dual shock via "touch" locations that haven't been used on the Vita and PSN becoming a paid service as ways Sony listens to their customers and motivates people to buy a PS4.

Yeah, ok. Enjoy your PS4.
Xsilver  +   695d ago
@Death http://hothardware.com/News...
Don't act like this never happened
Enjoy the read okay
And i will enjoy the PS4 thank you very much.
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Death  +   695d ago
The PS4 UI screens floating around show advertisements for Sony related content already. This includes music, movies, and games of course. They are also rolling out a paid tv subscription service and Gaikai is unlikely to be free. We all already know multiplayer is now paid since Plus is required with the PS4. Let's revisit this topic after launch and see if the single add on the Xbox UI is much different then what we have on the Playstion side of things. If having an add is your breaking point, I have a feeling you will be very disappointed with the new gen.
nategrigs  +   694d ago
It may sound a bit paranoid, but it seems like the xbone is designed around making advertising dollars. Kinect to target the adds and 24 hour check in to update them (yes I know they did away with this, but I think they made a calculation that enough people will be online anyway). Why else would they mandate the kinect? People talk about its potential, but the first one was never put to good use, and I don't see how improved resolution will lead to better ideas.

Ps4 may end up having adds, but at least the system wasn't designed around delivering them
Xsilver  +   694d ago
@Death let me know where you saw ads in PS4 UI ill wait.

If you ever used a PS3 you would know the only places you would see ads are either in the store sometimes or in the What's new section which you have to deliberately go too to see unlike the xbox where they were all over the place and i know you aren't complaining about the Sony services ads its a Sony device smh why aren't you complaining about the Pizza hut ads one the 360 because thats not a pizza hut device.
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dantesparda  +   694d ago
Wow! i feel dumber for having have read Death's responses, MS fanboys just might be even dumber than Nintendo fanboys. They excuse everything their beloved corporate masters do
#11.1.5 (Edited 694d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(0) | Report
Death  +   694d ago
I'm fairly certain you are no dumber after reading my post.

As for "excusing" Microsoft for having an add in the UI, why would I excuse it when I don't care? In the PSN store, we have adds. We don't have them on the XMB due to technical limitations. The PS4 UI screens on the net show adds. Currently they are for Sony products which makes sense since they are mock ups. If and when we see a Pizza Hut add on the PS4 UI, what then? Still make a stand or excuse it? Will you still care when it is on the PS4?

Xbots,corporate masters, blah, blah, blah. You are not only the same, you are worse. You claim it for others and don't see it in yourself. I have yet to see the people who swore they would never support a system that charged for online play come forward and back up their claims. Instead they tuck their tails and move on to the next bs to complain about. Appearantly today it is adds. When they have them on the Playstation they will ignore it and move to the next bs to cry about. They have been doing it for years now and won't stop until they grow up and suddenly realize they don't really give a shit about adds on their home screen.
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dantesparda  +   693d ago
Im with you on Sony charging to play online. I dont like it one bit and am against it, but honestly, i think its MS fault and their fanbase, cuz they stupidily and happily paid for Live, when in reality they shouldnt have had to pay for that sh*t. Now Sony sees they can get away with it and cash in on that cash cow

However, there is a big difference between MS charging you to just play online and Sony making you get Plus to play online. And that is, that Plus is FAR more worth it/better deal (and for $10 less) than Live. With Plus you are getting a sh*tload of games for free (or whatever the f*ck you fanboys wanna consider it). Heck , Sony could give you half the free games and Plus would still be a much better deal than Live.

So yes, i resent Sony forcing/charging people to play online (thanks MS, for setting the precedence) but at least its worth it unlike Live.

And p.s. dont think i didnt catch your little underhanded insult there. And also, you spoke of people "claiming it for others and not see it in themselves". Ummm, you just did that, you are guilty of doing it right there. So dont be a hypocrit kid

And I agree that Sony fanboys are guilty of doing what you claimed
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Themba76  +   695d ago
and thats why my friend I already paid off my ps4 with bf4 and watchdogs and adding killzone.
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dethpuck  +   695d ago
Better get off the grid here comes Xbox. Like Sony isn't collecting data as well
Godmars290  +   695d ago
They've already said that they are. That they plan on using your PSN use to offer recommendations for PSN. Like Netflix recommends movies.

They certainly haven't said that they plan on using a camera to put up dishwashing commercials as your mother walks by.
Death  +   695d ago
Well thank god for that. Looks like neither console will target your mom for Cascade adds. Another problem solved.
Godmars290  +   695d ago
Can't tell if you're being sarcastic, but that's exactly what MS is talking about doing with Kinect. To target ads at your household, and to show them when a specific person is being picked up by Kinect.
DigitalRaptor  +   695d ago | Well said
The people who represent this company are so damn deceptive it's not even funny. They treat their consumer base like fools, by trying to hide their true intentions. And they barely try and hide it, or maybe they do in cases like this. They say one thing, then they turn around and deny it or say the opposite in the space of 24 hours or less.

So... they designed their console's dashboard around how ads could benefit them and people they want to make money off, they've basically shown us the real reason why Kinect was originally a requirement to use your console, they've admitted to using your camera-acquired data for marketing purposes, their representatives have attended the a national advertisers conference trying to sell the benefits of surveilling its consumers to observe your personal habits within your own home to sell to advertisers to feed back to unavoidable adverts on your personal gaming console (your detriment).

People actually praise Microsoft for having been forced to turn around anti-consumer policies, but then they still have things like this in place, as well as the DRM still being in the console when it ships to be patched out by required download. As well as holding an insulting number of free features being behind a paywall.

There's no getting around Microsoft's disgustingly anti-consumer nature. How can anyone in their right mind support this company?
#13 (Edited 695d ago ) | Agree(28) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
SilentGuard  +   695d ago
I would find it all a little easier to swallow if MS was at least honest about their intentions instead of talking in circles and outright lying. There is enough content to write a book on all the lies and deciet surrounding the Xbone. Don't insult my intelligence by telling me how "magical" using Kinect is to turn the console on. Admit you wanted used game restrictions to try and make money in the used games market, not becuase publishers wanted it. Admit you wanted mandatory online check-ins and Kinect hooked up for the console to function to gather up to date marketing data.


which is it MS?
#13.1 (Edited 695d ago ) | Agree(9) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
stylishjerk  +   695d ago
Consumers: "Admit you wanted used game restrictions to try and make money in the used games market, not because publishers wanted it. Admit you want wanted mandatory online check ins.."

Microsoft: "I did it for me...When it came to advertising I was good at it...And I was really...I was alive"
nypifisel  +   694d ago

Cueil  +   694d ago
who cares? Seriously I don't give a flying crap what talking heads brain storm about out loud I only care that under the current model that Microsoft turns off all data sharing unless you expressly turn it on yourself. So it's a non issue.
jessupj  +   694d ago
"There's no getting around Microsoft's disgustingly anti-consumer nature. How can anyone in their right mind support this company?"

I ask this same question a lot, but for some reason certain individuals instantly brand me fanboy.

There's a lot of very legitimate reason why gamer's shouldn't support a company like MS.

I find the MS apologist a very peculiar creature. I just can't fathom how anyone even remotely interested in gaming could support a company that clearly just wants to leech as much money as they possibly can from the industry.
DigitalRaptor  +   694d ago
I know man. There's no doubt about what this is, and Microsoft's anti-consumerism has been face-slappingly obvious for years.

This case is essentially Microsoft and marketing companies against the consumer, and it's like they're not even bothered about the implications outside their corporate desires. They are trying to turn console gaming into something sour, and when we heard about Microsoft wanting to own the living room space some years back, this is what it was all boiling down to.

The past few months is the culmination of this anti-consumer behaviour, and the fact that certain people can't see it means that their fanbase is either:

1) In denial.

2) Stupendously ignorant.

3) Apologist/loyalist/fanboy.

4) Indifferent - which is almost as bad as the detrimental actions themselves.
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Godmars290  +   695d ago
Not odd in the slightest considering that the XB1 seems as much to be designed around controlling it's owners as giving them "choices" built around that control.

By that I mean the old examples of having to pay for XBL for everything on the 360 aside from access to their online store.
5eriously  +   695d ago
So anoter 180? Maybe they should rename the eXB0ne to XBox180's! LOL!
Grimhammer00  +   695d ago
I simply can't believe MS. They lie about Skype -NSA. They lie about Kinect true purpose. They use the dirtiest tactics in business. Greed is king.

And that's just tip iceberg. And it doesn't address the ToS. Which they added a clause to a while ago around E3, that eliminates class action attempts.
SilentGuard  +   695d ago
Its no surprise Kinect's primary purpose is to gather data and sell it to third parties and allow for smart advertising. Its the biggest reason why they push it so hard yet have little to justify it. It has the potential to be a cash cow. Imagine being able to tell advertisers how many people were watching any given content at any given time. I'm sure they wouldn't even consider this "private" data.

The defualt setting will most likely be to allow sharing of data and most will just accept that, just like the terms and conditions, blindly. Sure Kinect can be unplugged now and the console doesn't require online check-ins anymore, but MS knows most people will go online and hook up Kinect if its in the box. Besides, MS can change this anytime they want all with a dashboard update, or they can shoehorn Kinect functionality in as many games and apps as possible making it required in practice.

There is no reason for anyone not interested in Kinect and its uses to pay a premium to have it but there is a reason for MS to want you to have it. Ditch the Kinect, lower the price, or suffer in sales.
christocolus  +   695d ago
mr albert ..one of my favorite guys on the xbx team just after larry and the two phils...i do hope they ressurect the milo tech and create a big game based on that idea..infact i have a feeling that its been developed already...kinect2 has great potential im glad its in the box and i do hope most devs embrace it.....good job guys
whitesoxfalife1976  +   695d ago
what bothers me is the fact yall dont see the bigger picture
since i cant remember the dude name above but to his comment the fact he loves diet coke he wud not mind seeing a ad or two cuz infact it might be the one ad sees cud says "buy a 24cs and get the second one half off". And how that happen BECAUSE HE OPTED IN AS A CONSUMER, now he will get ads taylored to him which is not bad at all.

Funny thing this has been going on already on the current generation system remember the obama 08 ingame ads on the burnouts series and dam near all the sports titles it didnt botherd yall then so why it shud bother yall now....

think ive said soment similar a while back in regards of the ads on the 360 ..half those ads i clicked on offer free avatar shirts and any other freebies. Only if you opt in.

All I know is im gonna have that console of my choice and gonna do what i always do fire up a blunt crack open that game and continue to play on just that simple
T2  +   694d ago
thats fine but if they plan to charge millions for advertising then we as consumers should see a subsidy... so how is the xbone so expensive still?
whitesoxfalife1976  +   693d ago
Think of apple, why are they doubling the price of iphone/pads jus to do the same or lessor things than an android phone.you got to research, market, brand, and your product right?
MultiConsoleGamer  +   695d ago
Two things:

"Troy Horse"


He "hopes"

That last part should sound extremely suspicious to anyone reading this article, even if it is an agenda piece written by a pro-Sony web site trying to sound impartial.
BozoLoco  +   695d ago
I also hope they never do it.
RyuCloudStrife  +   695d ago
I hope they leave the gaming industry.
MightyNoX  +   695d ago
Penello is the new Don Mattrick. Looking forward to hearing news about Larry wanting to 'put a lid on him'
beebap  +   695d ago
Complete bs. seriously they think people memory is that bad. When they revealed the xbox one they almost proudly talked about ads,maybe not implemented anything yet but they intention was clear and so many articles about how the dashboard is design around advertising.Also they have a patent for using kinect for ads and checking if your licence covers you for how many watching an event. Now recently that were at a frigging advertisers conference talking about what the xbox could do, why do that if not make it clear to advertising business that xbox one good place for advertising.
Just thing how confidence they were about drm well it seems they have not changed their attittude at all. Still greedy, they dont care about gaming remember they seen this as a way to get into the living room. They are destroying this industry and they dont care. Now xbox users think it is normal to see ads, I for one will lose interest in console gaming if this becomes the norm. How many watch recorded live tv so they can skips ads.
Now they finally caught on that people are not happy with plans to use kinect data for ads they are acting all the innocent. Now it like we would never even consider such a thing when they started themselves not just because of the advertising article they are blaming.
feraldrgn  +   694d ago
They're not denying collecting information & they're not denying the possibility of it happening.

I don't trust MS, after Skype, after Prism, after DRM.
They've betrayed consumers 3 times already.
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sAVAge_bEaST  +   694d ago
Because it's One, two, three, strikes your out, at the old ball game....................
Kidmyst  +   694d ago
No matter what MSFT says, or how they say it, it just can get twisted all over the place because of the whole initial announcement mess. If they never required Kinect to be connected in the first place, it'd be a whole different situation now. The feature he talked about with an on screen character seeing your expressions sounds cool but not something I'd want to use most the time.
MyWordIsGospel  +   694d ago
M$ are the antithesis of greed, how any consumer can defend or stand by a company that has zero respect for consumers is beyond words. As many people have echoed above me they are anti-gaming and all about the money.

Sony are no angels but compared to microsoft those guys have halos and wings on show, I've been gaming since the zx81 spectrum and I have to say m$ need to leave now and give the industry some breathing room for an assault on the planets favorite pastime these past 2 decades.
CanadianTurtle  +   694d ago
Someone give Albert the CEO position
jmc8888  +   694d ago
The article wasn't needed, anyone with a brain who has been listening to what Microsoft has been saying all year knew this to be true.
Tyre  +   694d ago
Again JMC8888 great comments in here...no need to 'AD' more. lol
crosstrigger  +   694d ago
Can we not just turn the kinect around? Not saying I'm buying one, it just seems like a simple solution. Also isn't this kind of contradictive to the kinect not having to be on/plugged in for the Xbone to function. Crazy Moneysoft...
saber00005  +   694d ago
Big Brother is watching.
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