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Beyond: Two Souls is Quantic Dream’s latest, and most ambitious game yet. With some very impressive names behind the game, such as David Cage (writer & director) and Ellen Page & Willem Dafoe (voice acting), you would expect big things from the game. However, if you have seen some of the reviews, you may get a different picture. We found the experience to be outstanding in graphics, presentation and acting, but the story unfortunately holds the title back.

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kratoz12091890d ago

Loving this game so far :D

Hanso1890d ago (Edited 1890d ago )

agree dont listen to the reviews if you liked HR aswell
This game gets so much critisism but watch Walking dead nobody dares to speak up.

Gaming Jurnalism these days... sigh

Bundi1890d ago

TWD had a great story and you actually had to play or you'd die. With Beyond, you could put down the controller and still progress.

Why weren't you lambasting the media when they were awarding tlou perfect scores?

AsunaYuukiTheFlash1890d ago

@Bundi Because The Last Of Us is a masterpiece.

insomnium21890d ago (Edited 1890d ago )

Aaaah!!! Bundi on a Beyond article AGAIN!!!??

You seriously need to get a life dood. It is what it is. No amount of you foaming from your mouth will do anything to Beyond (or TLOU).

I can't wait for the next Beyond review. Will I see a comment from Bundi in that one too. Crossing fingers....

Bundi1890d ago

Foaming in the mouth? Hehehe, I'm not the one that's upset here :D

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Drekken1890d ago

I'm 6 hours in and it is a good game. The story is a little scattered but it doesn't warrant the 4-5/10 scores at all. 8+/10 so far.

inside_thebox1888d ago

Loving it myself, its something fresh and unique that lets you relax and enjoy the story often during play.

CynicalKelly1890d ago

Been loving this game. It's an absolute blast! Had to go to a mates to play Last of Us. Might buy a new PS3 again just to play this game at home.

CaptainYesterday1890d ago

Me too I'm really enjoying can't seem to stop playing :P

inside_thebox1888d ago

Completely agree with you! It's one of the more unique styles of game we don't get to enjoy often.

searcam011890d ago

Bought it yesterday. Play it for about an hour and it was awesome. I can't wait to play it again after i get out of work. Definitely in my top 10. Enjoy!

flipflopfacts1890d ago

and Ryse gets craped on about QTE you fanboys are all a like.

Bathyj1890d ago

Haven't played it but I read on the internet they're two different games.

mhunterjr1890d ago

N4g is Sony fanboy haven. A beautiful looking, 12hr QTE, on a Sony system is something to be loved and adored. A beautiful looking action game, with occasional QTE's, that actually requires skill, on a MS system should be mocked. It's the law of the land.

That said, the mixed reviews on Beyond: Two Souls confirms my suspicion. It looks to me that the developers achieved exactly what they set out to deliver. That is an achievement. The issue is, that product is not something that everyone has a taste for. And that's perfectly ok.

I myself want to experience the story. But I don't think of it as a 'game', but an interactive movie. If you go into it from that perspective and want that kind of experience, there's a good chance you'll like it.

ILive1890d ago

Flip and mhunt, you both are just come across as stupid. There are many examples in which can be used to debunk your arguments.

flipflopfacts1890d ago

@Live "debunk" Is it some kind of misery now? you fanboys are crazy. Tinfoil much?

mhunterjr1890d ago

@Ilive What argument did I make? I'm personally interested in the game, but I'm not surprised it gets mixed reviews, because it simply doesn't fit the mold of a traditional 'game'. I don't think that's a bad thing, it just is what it is. I'm not sure if you actually read my comment, but if you found it stupid or offensive, then you either didn't read it, or you are a fan boy.

I think there are similar takes that have been executed better (the walking dead). But I still think Beyond has its merits.

strigoi8141890d ago

you know they are very different genre of is a hack and slash game that needs fast button mashing not a lot of QTE every freaking time you execute one A.I.

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Goku7811890d ago

The difference with Ryse is they lied about the whole downgrade (numbers never lie). If there wasn't a problem they wouldn't have had to lower anything. Beyond is what it is in the style of Heavy Rain. Ryse is trying to be something it isn't, a next gen God of War beater. Wouldn't be so bad if they hadn't got caught up in the lying.

mhunterjr1890d ago

What lie did they tell? The whole 'downgrade' was announced by crytek themselves. They dropped the polycount, and used the saved resources to improve the shaders, improve the realitime physics, and removed LODs, resulting in a better looking game.

Numbers don't lie, but they also don't tell the whole story... Especially when the people reading them don't have a clue how to interpret them. If your entire understanding of computer graphics is "lower polycount = worse" then you really shouldn't be at the discussion table. Every game goes through optimization before its released.

Goku7811890d ago

At mounterjr, 900p is lower than 1080p, 85 is way lower than the 100 plus triangles. No matter how you word it, that's a downgrade.

pyramidshead1890d ago

Scores for this are all over the god damn place lol. Making Deadly Premonition proud! :P