Destroy The Skycraper In Record Time in Battlefield 4

To destroy the skyscraper in the Battlefield 4 BF4 beta in the middle of the Siege of Shanghai map, fire a few rockets at the four pillars in the front of the building.

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dski10801893d ago

That collapse looks crazy from ground level

dazzrazz1893d ago

and after that game looks like shit

JetsFool35001893d ago

Only on ps3 & 360 it looks like trash on PC & next-gen it looks beautiful

SignifiedSix911893d ago

Obviously. Its a beta. Its not using all of the assets of the full game. You can tell after the building comes down that everything is lacking textures.

Boss_Kowbel1893d ago (Edited 1893d ago )

Eh, I think a defibrillator could still save him.

DJQuad1893d ago

WGG's guides are the best!

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