GameStop Will Re-Open Xbox One Pre-Orders Tomorrow

GameStop management has confirmed to GenGAME that Xbox One pre-orders will re-open on October 9.

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CrimsonStar1897d ago

Cool for those that missed out on them the first time .

showtimefolks1897d ago (Edited 1897d ago )

i have ps4 pre ordered and i do want a xbox one too, but i don't see the benefits of picking one up at launch. I am talking about both ps4/xbox one, there is not one must have title for either launching. Don';t get me wrong launch tis time around is much much better than any i remember in past 2 decades but still most of the games i want are in 2014

witcher 3
the order 1886
the division
mgs 5(not sure if this is 2014 though)

any suggestions on whether to skip or buy at launch?


i don't think that's gonna be an issue or i hope both sony and ms learned from their own mistakes, but where is the killer must have

Sitdown1897d ago

You are going to get it why not now?

Blaze9291897d ago

"but i don't see the benefits of picking one up at launch."

Yeah could be said the same for both Xbox One and PS4. Really, the launch line up for both systems are all about multiplatform games. It's sad. Xbox 360 and PS3 are still kicking strong this year and there's not really any REAL reason for people to upgrade.

Theres definitely no reason to get both at launch. But if you're balling, why not. I am. Getting both, not balling. LOL

nukeitall1897d ago (Edited 1897d ago )

You forgot Quantum Break, Project Sparc and Overdrive.

For launch though, I'm looking at Ryse, CoD, and maybe Watchdog. Very strongly considering Killer Instinct, and Crimson Dragon.

For PS4, if I keep my pre-order, there is only one game, KillZone.

mhunterjr1897d ago (Edited 1897d ago )

If you don't see a game you want at launch I wouldn't buy Anything. Right now, at launch only xb1 has the games I want (dr3, forza 5), but I don't mind waiting until after the holidays. I'm actually hoping ps4 outsells xb1 by a long shot through the holidays, so they'll reduce the price or come out with a nice bundle in the US.

If you can wait, wait.

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF1897d ago

I don't know man... maybe nothing much on PS4 at launch, but for the X1 I want to play Forza, Ryse, Dead Rising 3 and Killer Instinct. And of course I want to rock a next gen BF and COD.

I can't wait.

BX811897d ago

I would hold off. I pre ordered a ps4 after the MS conference. When they changed the policies I cancelled my ps4 and pre ordered the Xbox one. Get the console you prefer and enjoy. I'm still getting a ps4. The way I see it is the ps4 will drop In price eventually and will have a big catalog when I purchase it.

TechMech21897d ago

Honestly the only must have for Xbox one is halo, and that is the only reason I'm buying an Xbox one. I want a ps4, and if halo 5 is poorly received than I'll probably buy a ps4, but halo is the only true reason I see buying an Xbox one

ABeastNamedTariq1897d ago

I feel just about the same way. The launch lineups are great, I think, but the only must-have game I personally want is Killzone. I don't HAVE to have anything else, but I really want some other games. But I'll definitely pick up an Xbox when Halo or a new Gears of War comes out, as long as some of my friends get one (a lot are just getting a PS4).

4Sh0w1897d ago (Edited 1897d ago )

I guess must haves are a matter of opinion, Watch Dogs, DR3, Ryse, and Forza 5 are the only launch games I feel like I must play, Ill get them all including KI eventually but I haven't made up my mind which two to buy at launch. I like shooters so I'll probably cave and get BF4 or COD a few months after launch but honestly neither of them has made me excited for next gen shooters. Good news is that there are some truly amazing games coming further down the line in just the first year alone and it will only get better.

AceBlazer131897d ago

get it now cause if these consoles live up to hype you won't be getting one anytime soon

showtimefolks1897d ago


i don't think so, after the early rush by gamers like us i think both systems will need some selling to do. Remember we are not going from SD to HD anymore

i have a ps4 pre ordered which i will keep and than decide a week before if i want to buy it or not, thank you all for your replies, you guys are right must have's are each person's opinion. I am a huge killzone fan so my reason for ps4 will be that but games i want 10 times more will be in 2014

waiting could mean not having to do with any bugs with systems, and better lineups. Also by march-april there could be some bundles

Evilsnuggle1897d ago

The PS4 pre orders have been sold out since E3. But there are still xbone one 80 for sale. How much PS4 will out sale xbone more than a million.

Gamer6661897d ago

On X1 I'm looking forward to DR3, Forza 5, Lococycle, and Killer Instinct 3 exclusives at launch.

I'm also interested in Ryse, but previews haven't inspired confidence yet.

On PS4 I am currently only interested in KZ:SF and Resogun exclusives at launch.

I'm also interested in Knack, but haven't seen anything mind numbing there yet neither.

Blachek1897d ago

Wait a year, get a 2nd edition with some kinks worked out at a better price tag with a larger game collection to tap into.

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TechMech21897d ago

I ain't preordering any system. Who knows what hardware failures could await

BigShotSmoov0071897d ago

I have a feeling this time around won't be as bad as the last, although I have been wrong before.

Minute Man 7211897d ago

I believe both systems are on a 28 nanometer chipset, shouldn't be any heating problems

WeAreLegion1897d ago

My GameStop friend told me that earlier. Strange.

Eonjay1897d ago

Gamestop is pushing the Xbox Hard. When you walk into my Gamestop they have an Xbox One advert smacking you right in the face. They have a PS4 avert hidden in the corner. I don't blame them though because I know that the Xbox needs to get its sales up for them to keep making money next gen.

FITgamer1897d ago

Depends on the store, there are 4 stores within a 10 mile radius of me, all them except the one on base have all the playstation, both 3 and 4, displays in the front of the store. The store on base is definitely pushing Xbox One though. It's Xbox, Wii/Wii U, then PS4 displays in store. As far as window ads go it's all Xbox, with one PS4 poster on the door.

Back-to-Back1897d ago

Yea thats a smart idea by gamestop. Push a product that nobody wants.

WeAreLegion1897d ago

Not entirely sure why I got the disagrees, but thanks for the replies. Lol.

BigShotSmoov0071897d ago

I guess MS were able to finish and ship out some more. Thats good cause the more people online the better.

NegativeCreep4271897d ago

What about PS4?

Im seriously considering mitigating the cost of the PS4 by trading in my xbox 360 with the games. Anyone have experience with trading videogames/consoles with Amazon?

BigShotSmoov0071897d ago

I think they are still taking preorders for the PS4. They never stopped.

aceitman1897d ago

U cant get a pre order for ps4 anywhere

aceitman1897d ago

no call them they will tell u sold out , but they will say u can preorder a xbox1.

True_Samurai1897d ago (Edited 1897d ago )

Walked in this morning had to make a payment on my x1.they have 32 left out of the 60 they have. And that's just 1 out of 12 Walmarts in Mobile

limewax1897d ago (Edited 1897d ago )

PS4 pre-orders are still available and for launch day in the right places. However you really need to see confirmation that your pre-ordering for launch day first.

I'm not sure if the situation changed since the announcement of extra stock but my local GAME store had ran out of launch day confirmed PS4's at one point, but that of course didn't stop them from taking preorders.

Online you shouldn't have any trouble tracking one down but going local could be awkward depending on where you live. As for trading, not a clue as I've never tried it myself, I'm more of a collector.

Minute Man 7211897d ago

Can you tell me the right places? I have a co worker who didn't listen to me when I told her to pre order, know she's running around trying to find a PS4

limewax1897d ago (Edited 1897d ago )

Well I'm from the UK so I don't know how much help it will be to everyone, but the supermarkets near me are still taking launch day pre-orders. I'd have checked the site of one I saw taking an order just a couple days ago but the site is down right now. Ironically so is who may be worth a look despite the growing popularity.

Also some of the smaller electronics stores here are still taking orders.

EDIT: stock is definitely slimmer now than it was when I last checked. PC World is sold out and so are many of the other sites that were still taking orders just a few weeks ago. I retract my original statement, this may be like trying to track down a PS2 at Xmas all over again.

mhunterjr1897d ago (Edited 1897d ago )

NEVER trade in to a third party. Just sell your stuff on Craigslist or eBay, you'll get way more value out of your library that way. Then use the cash to preorder where ever.

beebap1897d ago

They have made sure that there is retail consoles to buy on the day in store.Whether there be queues or big rush I not sure how long they will stay in store.

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