New Sniper features in Battlefield 4

Sniping has evolved dramatically in Battlefield 4. In this walkthrough, Red Dragon will show you how to use the latest features in BF4 to take the guess work out of bullet drop.

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TomShoe1809d ago

Even though I hate dying to snipers, it looks much more fun.

CrusRuss1810d ago

Lol they made sniping even easier?

Hufandpuf1809d ago say sniping in Battlefield is fun again whereas in bf3 it was meh.

MWong1809d ago (Edited 1809d ago )

I don't know, while the new equipment in BF4 makes sniping easier per say. I think sniping in BC2 and BF3 had better mechanics.

I've just been using the Carbines & RFB's for my Recon kit instead of the actual sniper rifles. I'd rather be the one getting u close and personal shooting you or taking that campers tags.

TekoIie1809d ago

It's likely that Commander is going to be the bane of Snipers in the full game. Thats the only reason I can think of that would justify such a significant buff to snipers :/

DBLDeathDealer1810d ago

Lovely. More Wookies hiding in the buildings....

franko1809d ago

I hate sniping, but great tips.