PlayStation Store Update 10/8/13

Posted by Grace Chen // Director, PlayStation Store -

There’s plenty for everyone on the PlayStation Store this week, with Disgaea D2: A Brighter Darkness, F1 2013, Just Dance 2014 and Sniper Elite V2 hitting the digital shelves. That’s not all though, there’s Malicious Rebirth and Worms Revolution Extreme on PS Vita, Atomic Ninjas for both PS3 and PS Vita (bonus: it’s Cross-Buy), as well as Orc Attack: Flatulent Rebellion on PS3.

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TongkatAli1892d ago

Sony needs to slap Namco Bandai to put PSone classics on the store, where is Digimon World and DBZ Ultimate Battle 22.

PoSTedUP1892d ago

damn, was hoping hotline miami and mora sina* was free on ps plus this week.
glad to see malicious rebirth at only $15. they should have taken better screen shots of it on the vita store it looks really bad quality, not a good way to market something imo bc the game actually looks good and fun.

Kingthrash3601892d ago

psp valhalla knights free look in discounted games