Vsauce Explores How Much Stuff Video Game Characters Can Carry

Video game characters are known to carry a crap-load of stuff on their person at any given time. Unsatisfied with the accuracy of “a crap-load,” Jake Roper and Vsauce have decided to delve into the mystery of just how much our favorite characters can fit in their virtual pockets.

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xHeavYx1890d ago (Edited 1890d ago )

Vsauce is one of my favorite Youtube channels. This video is very interesting

PoSTedUP1890d ago

mine too. one of only two channels i alctually know of and look up on a weekly basis. slowmoguys is the other one.

their "why do we play games?" video is incredible, as well as all of their other ones.

Fireseed1890d ago

Holy crap that got real deep, real quick.

MilkMan1890d ago

Game characters can have as many weapons as the developer feels it needs in order to make a good game. I mean these are games.
What crazy article is this?

tanookisuit1890d ago

That was damn good! So... If i were to carry more heavy stuff, it could help with my shortness? Awesome.