Sony Responds to Mixed Beyond: Two Souls Reviews, PS4 Version Questions, Lack of Day 1 Digital

"While our very own Dan O. may have enjoyed Beyond: Two Souls, many reviewers out there did not." - PSLS

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jc485731892d ago (Edited 1892d ago )

If you really want to play it, just pick up the retail copy. Not like it takes that much space at home. You even loose some calories just heading to your nearby store.

xHeavYx1892d ago

I think this quote summarize the game "difficulty in attributing a score to the game because it’s such a unique and different experience"
This is not your everyday shooter, that's not Quantic Dream's style

LOGICWINS1892d ago

Well that goes without saying. I'm pretty sure the folks at IGN, Gamespot,and Destructoid knew that this wasn't going to be a shooter considering that they did multiple previews on the game.

Saying or implying that some people didn't like this game because it wasn't a shooter is silly to be honest.

The common comeback I see with people who defend Quantic Dream games is something along the lines of

"Of course, they don't like it. They're to busy being Infatuated with COD"

As if everyone who disliked Heavy Rain and Beyond are automatically pegged as COD players lol.

xHeavYx1892d ago (Edited 1892d ago )

I think you need to change your name to "LackofLogic"
Two sites you mention who reviewed the game complaint about the type of game Beyond is (by the way, I don't know why you include Gamespot, they gave the game a 9, Logic would suggest you would use examples from sites who didn't like the game). From IGN "I never before have I felt like such a passive participant in a video game"
From Destructoid "A childish play at being a meaningful journey, a vapid illusion of passion and poignancy. Nothing but a pantomime"

@Below, if you had read my comment, you would see how I noted that the reviewers complaint about the way you play Beyond, therefore, they were expecting it to play differently

LOGICWINS1892d ago

You just proved my argument.

Why are you stating that Beyond is not "your everyday shooter" when no one who reviewed it expected it to be?

QD fans are constantly on defense mode. If negative criticism towards Heavy Rain and Beyond arises, the counter argument is always the same.

"Go back and play COD kid!"

Why make the assumption that detractors of QD games are these gun crazed FPS lovers? Thats a total exaggeration.

jmc88881892d ago

I won't get into how or why people scored this game. Clearly there is much division as there is a huge range for this game from 40 to 100.

But I clearly remember some previews claiming it was going to be a shooter and that the game was more of a FPS.

It really shocked me as up until that point I felt it was going to be different but awfully similar to Heavy Rain.

I don't know where those previews are as I had no reason to think of saving them later for evidence, but they should still be out there somewhere.

It is possible some reviewers thought it was going to be one type of game and it turned out to be another. This indeed might affect the score for those people.

Overall though we get 40-100 which means it looks like it's a love it or hate it game.

Reading some of the reviews I also see that people say the ultimate outcome doesn't change with your choices.

If that's true, then it means it's more like Mass Effect style choices. Choices that DID have a pretty major impact...just not on the ending.

So I'm really not sure what to believe. I feel the game will be sort of like Heavy Rain, sort of not. There's shooting and driving. There's possession and other ghostly stuff. There's choices to be made that will make an impact in certain ways, but won't effect the overall ending.

So I can definitely see why some people expecting one thing or another might affect their score, but no I don't 'blame' that for drastically impacting the game and review score. The range is huge and even if you average the scores, it's still a quality 74.

Sly-Lupin1892d ago

If it's as similar to Heavy Rain as it looks and sounds, I think the real problem is that it's NOT a game, but is (inappropriately) judged as one. Which is just as silly as reviewing a game as though it were a movie--something we've seen quite often in recent months and years.

These games are more akin to (and, in fact, are) visual novels, and that is the only context they should be reviewed in.

Bundi1892d ago (Edited 1892d ago )

Heavy Rain seemed to fare just fine with reviewers, garnaring an average meta score of 87, despite being a QD game and a non shooter.
So why is this shooter business being thrown around now? Could it have something to do with the fact that this particular game isn't being as well received as you had hoped and now you have to fabricate an outlandish notion that non shooters aren't well reviewed by the media?

Bimkoblerutso1892d ago (Edited 1892d ago )


It's true. You can go to any given comment section of a site that didn't score the game an eight or up, and all you see is: "IT'S NOT SOME GENERIC SHOOTER...XBOTS!"

I enjoyed Heavy Rain and Fahrenheit quite a bit, but I fully understand the beef that people have with QD's games.

It's not that they don't want a game that straddles the line between game and movie. It's that QD has NEVER had strong enough writers (or singular writer, as it were) to successfully straddle that line. And to be honest, that's what 99% of the more negative reviews seem to be stressing.

Rimeskeem1892d ago

I agree,

This game is for people who want a different experience instead of the original hack in slash or shooter so if you like new then this is what you want.

Insomnia_841892d ago

I enjoyed the demo and can't wait to play the whole story!

Gaming1011892d ago

People really need to stop complaining about a game based on the fact that it was different than their expectations. This is the most childish criticism you can make, that a game doesn't quite fit the genre that you pigeon holed the game into. You should've known this game would be different than anything you've played before, especially considering Heavy Rain was different than most that came before it. I mean grow up, you should be happy when something surpasses your expectations and does something you aren't necessarily familiar or comfortable with.

smashman981892d ago

Did u read the ign review because I did and she said nothing of this gmar not being like cod. She said the game is tooo chaotic and messy in trying to be everything, the story nonsensical and incoherent at times, and that it felt like there werent any consequences. Soo I'm gonna agree with my boy logic on this one

However I will add that I really feel this is one of those games where the score won't matter and it'll come down to the player individual experience with it as always a love it or hate it game

maniacmayhem1892d ago

Maybe the game just isn't that good despite whether it's some kind of different gaming experience.

Being different doesn't automatically make it good or deserving of a better score.

The_Con-Sept1892d ago (Edited 1892d ago )

For me I rely on digital day one releases from now on. I don't want a disc anymore. Seriously you save 5 bux on taxes and you save an extra X ammount on gas to get there. Plus half the time you get the opened "new" version of the game... And for me.... I just enjoy downloading games from now on with my 2TB drive.

SniperControl1892d ago (Edited 1892d ago )


From my general experience, digital games on either PSN or XBL are more expensive than hard copy retail discs.

Commander_TK1892d ago (Edited 1892d ago )

This is like Only God Forgives this year. Art-house masterpiece, not for the average movie goer. I loved Heavy Rain, so I'm pretty sure I'll love this when I play it.

ritsuka6661892d ago

[email protected]

Well said bro. If this game is truly the pinnacle of videogame narrative, then I fear our standards are horrifically low for video games in the future. =/

schubacca1892d ago

People like what they like.

I like my videogames to be interactive. Apparently some do not. That is cool. But I remember all of those Sega CD games getting roasted because they lacked interactivity....

Sony3601892d ago (Edited 1892d ago )

Really, you got a 3/1 agree/disagree ratio for THAT?

This just proves what kind of fanboys inhabit N4G.

Anything to dismiss the reality of it not being as good as we thought it would be, right? Suddenly when a game doesn't do well with review scores, it's because it's "not like other games"?


Guess what, there have been plenty of "not like other games" released before, and none of you would bat an eyelid if the game didn't get a good review score. But suddenly an anticipated Ps3 exclusive doesn't get stellar reviews, and it's because "people don't know how to review it"?

If you want to play it, play it. If you don't, then don't. I was never interested in this game, it looked like it had the Heavy Rain kinda hype that would leave me underwhelmed because it's basically an interactive film.

I'm much more of an Uncharted man myself, and I don't make stupid excuses for a game just because of some pointless allegience I have to a brand.

Revolver_X_1892d ago

Its funny. All the commenters above with negativity, did you read any of the positive reviews? Not only are the reviews polarizing, but whats said in the reviews are. The negative reviews said the story isnt good for various reasons, and the positive reviews said the story is well written and intriguing. The only consistent complaint on both sides is that combat is confusing. I can buy that complaint.

All in all I believe the nit picking of the story to be biased. Im 6 hours in and I find the story to be very coherent and constantly interesting. The story is told on a timeline and is not in chronological order. As you progress, the way things stack up is pretty clever and well thought out. Its like the negative reviewers didnt get it(low IQ if this is the case) or they didnt get past 40% of the game.

Finally, if you're worried about the story, the negative reviews are false. I think the story is light years ahead of Heavy Rain. The combat is confusing sometimes, but Heavy Rain vets will get it quicker then new comers. I could care less for reviews, for above reasons I do question the validity of them. If you are interested in getting it, do it. Its a great game.

buckley1892d ago (Edited 1892d ago )

Jim Sterling liked Heavy Rain and not Beyond: Two Souls, so your argument is moot at least in the case of Destructoid.

It's not "difficult to attribute a score" to a game that's "unique and different," especially when it's not so unique and different having so much in common with Indigo Prophecy and Heavy Rain (not to mention countless adventure games) despite being lauded by the developer as being a huge step forward in interactivity compared to them. It's inarguable that they didn't deliver on that promise.

Unless, of course, by "unique and different" you just mean "not a shooter." And that's an unfortunate statement.

Being "unique" and "good" are mutually exclusive. It may be polarizing, but not "difficult to score."

nypifisel1892d ago

I think just finding them interesting due to being something different qualifies them to be better games then cod...

Syntax-Error1891d ago

F*ck what they say LOGICWINS. You are spot on!

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1892d ago
Thatguy-3101892d ago

I do miss the times where the action prompts would have me playing twister with my fingers like in heavy rain. Playing it so far and it's not a bad game. Yea its nothing groundbreaking aside from the presentation but overall it doesn't deserve anything less than a 8.

buckley1892d ago

Whoa, "not bad but nothing groundbreaking" means an 8 now? That's quite forgiving.

showtimefolks1892d ago

i am about 7 hours in and for my taste its been excellent experience, some tears have been shed already

i can't see how some reviewers have hated on the game, at the very least this is a 8-8.5/10

can't wait to finish the game

Campy da Camper1892d ago

Yup me too. It really picked up after the 3rd hour. I just beat the part in the desert and holy crap what an emotional ride. There were parts I was fricking scared, too. Like almost had to turn on lights scared.

Jazz41081892d ago

I find it pretty crazy that sony has to respond every little thing out there anymore

trouble_bubble1892d ago (Edited 1892d ago )

I find it pretty crazy that people still don't read the article. It ain't Sony responding to "every little thing out there", it's two individuals. With two very different jobs descriptions. Who were answering questions on Twitter and a Blog. This isn't some press release. It's social media.

Jaces1892d ago (Edited 1892d ago )

I don't know what all the fuss is about. I played the demo and loved every minute of it. I've always been a fan of QD and Cage and am happy to say I'll be picking this up as soon as I can.

There's something about being an entity that no one can harm and can do as you please or not depending on the situation. A nice twist on gameplay and perspective imo.

Kingthrash3601892d ago (Edited 1892d ago )

the reason some "reviewers" find it hard to review is because the dont know how to review.
most "reviewers" today just reculect on past games to compare a game to and call it a review... using terms like "metriodvania" or "monsterhunter" dont apply to a game like this and actually requires you to play it.

and thats what the fuss is about, they have to work.

Gardenia1892d ago

Polygon – 8
CVG – 6
Eurogamer – 6
God is a Geek – 9
Destructiod – 5
Edge – 5
Gamechump -7.5
OPM – 8
Joystiq – 2.5/5
VentureBeat – 88/100
Gameranx – 3
GameFront – 55/100
New York Times – No Score
GamingBolt – 8
Electronic Theatre – 84/100
VideoGamer – 4
Next-Gen Gaming Blog – 9
Shacknews – 5
Neoseeker – 9
The Verge – No Score
ShopTo – No score
IGN – 6
Kotaku – Yes
Digital Spy – 5/5
Gamersyde – No Score
PSU- 9.5
Gamespot -9
Toronto Sun – 80/100
Game Informer – 7.75
Metro – 4
Meristation – 8.3 – 7
Canadian Online Gamers – 75/100
PlayStation Lifestyle – 8.5
Inside Games – 90/100

pete0071892d ago

i believed that atleast EDGE was more than credible since they bashed strongly MSFT and XBO a few monts ago. where did all the credibility go?

ipach1891d ago

rev3 actually gave it a 5/5. so much variance. might be the most varied mix of scores for a game ever. look at that range!

Ol_G1891d ago

@ pete007
so Edge is only credible when they bash Microsoft and praise Sony ?
Well at least you admit you're a fanboy

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kratos_TheGoat1892d ago (Edited 1892d ago )

god of war ascension got bash not by the story but online play. some site hating on david cage and some site love his work. some sites like big companies overrated games like tlou and gta 5. perfect score should not have no patch, bugs, and online that is broken. big games sites companies want david to make a great goty cod ripoff and not create something new and fresh

WarThunder1892d ago (Edited 1892d ago )


These site give repetitive uninspired games like COD a 9 or a 10 and new fresh games with fresh ideas get 6 and 7...

People should stop listening to those jurnalist reviews... They are pointless.

They gave Folklore a 6 and 7 and for me Folklore was one of the best games i played on the PS3 and this tells a lot.

Bundi1892d ago

Credible when they award TLoU, LBP and Journey high scores, not credible when they give Beyond mixed reviews? Got it.

Dissidia1892d ago

Love seeing that people actually appreciated Folklore.

Shame that game didn't sell better, we might have had a sequel by now.

MRMagoo1231892d ago


The only thing you pretty much do in any comment is pretend that everyone speaks for everyone and that everyone is a hypocrite, as far as i can tell you dont have a single intelligent thought running through your tiny little mind.

OT everyone has different tastes, which might explain different reviews, i loved heavy rain some ppl probably thought it was a waste of time, but then i also think that some reviewers are just lazy and dont really play the games for any good length of time to form a proper opinion, I also think some reviewers shouldnt have their job in the first place like the ones that give COD a 9 or 10 every year.

RealtorMDandDC1892d ago

@WarThunder I sooooo agree with you. Folklore was one of the best games many did not play or even know it existed.

Loved Folklore, it oozed charm and style. While injecting a entertaining story. Bubbles for you my are a GAMER...

Sony3601892d ago

And suddenly reviews don't matter again. Haha, this community...

Ol_G1891d ago

Loved Folklore still have it bought all the dlc

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AlphaCentyros1892d ago

I see what you mean, but how can you call TLOU an overrated game? It was excellent and I never regretted buying a PS3 just for this one exclusive. And it's not like every new IP that's fresh and new and not a COD rip-off necessarily gets bad reviews from the majority of critics. Naught Dog just proved that with TLOU ;)

I too was really looking forward to Beyond, so it's sad to see the mixed reviews for this promising project. However I think that people fail to see that this not just a game, but an entire experience on its own.

kratos_TheGoat1892d ago

no game is perfect skyrim got a 10 with all bugs do you think it deserve a 10? me nope god of war ascension got rip by big site companies for online only while the story was amazing smh but gta 5 get a free pass for a broken online


i would not exactly say gta5 is getting a free pass.

it's been made very clear by most sites that the high score it got at launch were for GTA5 itself and GTA Online would get reviewed separately because it was launching later.

many sites have now given their reviews on gta online and have given it lower scores then gta5 because of the technical issues. IGN went as far as to say don't even bother playing it till it's fixed... that is not exactly a free pass.

gta5 got great scores for the right reasons concerning it's story and single player gameplay. it has also had lower scores for the right reasons concerning it's online mode so far.

Tontus1892d ago

TLoU is an amazing game but it is a bit overrated. It has amazing presentation, pacing, storytelling etc but the gameplay & story could've been better.

I expected mixed reviews for Beyond Two Souls, was never impressed by it. Still, might buy it once it hits the bargain bin, which will probably be within 2 months.

Bundi1892d ago

Heavy Rain was awarded great scores by these same sites. Care to explain? Or s HS a CoD ripoff?

kane_13711891d ago

Bundi I am going to fall for your troll posts and answer you:
first of all, each website has atleast 6 reviewers (the smallest ones) and each reviewer has its own taste and understanding of a game, now it even happens that there are multiple reviews of one game on one website because of this exact notion.
Then there is also the fact that same people didn't review both games, so you could easily point out this as a reason for the different reception and at the end I would like to point out you idiocy by saying this:
MIXED REVIEWS, do you know what that means?
That means MIXED, both good and bad.
There are a whole bunch of websites and newspapers that gave this game high scores.

Actually you should look at the smaller websites, they are the ones with better reviews, since websites like Gamespot, IGN, Destructoid etc are normally very careful with their reviews to not give low scores because of the ads and what not (please do read the above scentence again, I did include Gamespot, the one that gave the game a "9" ) while the smaller websites or newspapers do not have to be careful of what might come if they write a review with lower scores.

Now, what you might fail to understand is that this game has as many positive reviews as it has negative ones and that does not make it a game that is not "well reviewed", it just makes it a different game.
Different being, it is not everybody's cop of tea.

Now if you can understand this and have a shred of self respect in your body you will just disappear from this article.

Th4Freak1892d ago (Edited 1892d ago )

"perfect score should not have no patch, bugs"

"should not have no patch, bugs"

"no patch, bugs"

You made me laugh and puke at the same time.

Gamer6661892d ago

I'm not going to try and defend reviewers because a large portion of them are a bunch of dumb a$$ idiots...

But, at the same time I do not like the excuse of reviewing compared to traditional games.

Really, a review should be a level of satisfaction after playing the full game and attaching a score to that satisfaction. The review should not compare it to other games because games (to me) are works of art and should only be compared to themselves.

I would not compare God of War to Ninja Gaiden for example... Although they both involve hack n slash action, God of War and Ninja Gaiden are very different experiences.

buckley1892d ago (Edited 1891d ago )

Any reviewer that does their job properly DOES consider their review a conclusion based on the game on its own merits, not by comparing it to other games. That, however, does not mean that games don't often pull clear influence from other games, and that it never should be compared to anything else. It would be ridiculous to expect every game to be 100% different from every other game.

In the case of the game at hand, there are plenty of well-written reviews out there that are written by people who did not find their experience with Beyond: Two Souls so profound or entertaining, or even that unique.

Where I disagree with many posters here are when they start labeling reviews "wrong," especially when they complain that reviews are subjective. ALL reviews are subjective. Objectivity is impossible in a critical analysis of a piece of art. "Objective opinion" is an oxymoron.

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Popoffboy1877181892d ago

People don't trust these reviews. Im playing this game right now and there's no way this game should get less then a nine. I seen nine and tens for games that wasn't that good. I love last of us. Gta5 is my fav, but this is just as good as both. They gave bio shock infinite a 10, mgrising good reviews, and trust me beyond two souls is better than both.dont miss out on this GEM!!!

kratos_TheGoat1892d ago

everybody has a opinion but big game site companies are dull like gta 5 get a free pass for a broken online while god of war ascension does not both story is outstanding

YodaCracker1892d ago

The majority of GTA V's reviews were published before the online went live.

LoveOfTheGame1892d ago

GOW: Ascension sucked, get over it. Anyone who was a fan of the original trilogy should be disappointed in SSM for the game itself and then how they handled criticism, i.e. trophy name change and nerfing part of the game deemed too hard.

Well, I guess sucked was a bit exaggerated. Fun game and fun multiplayer but just overall disappointing.

Drekken1892d ago

I'm 5 hours in and the game is awesome. I knew what kind of game I s getting into and I'm enjoying it. The 4 and 5 scores are just stupid.

BallsEye1892d ago

Please do trust reviews! This is not even a game. It's a freaking interactive movie with awful controls. I'm suprised it even got that high score on metacritic but hey...I guess most of the user reviews are made by kids that didn't even play it. Good reviews are just hillarious. Let's take alook

score 10:

"Best graphics, great game, history,. Simply the best. GOTY best graphics. Quantic Dream, congratulations for this work of art"

"In a word: Awesome
Graphics, animation, story, gameplay, musics... Everything is awesome.
I found my game of the year without doubt."

Anyone who says "AWESOME GAMEPLAY" loses credibility. This movie got no gameplay. Best if you just watch the thing on youtube, it's basicly the same. NOTHING that you do make any impact on the movie itself, choices don't matter at all and when you fail movie keeps on going. It's a big waste of 60 bucks...i still love quantic dream, they're pro...but this is just an awful "game"

Ol_G1891d ago

Calling an interactive movie a game is wrong it can be good but still not a good game

OldGirl1892d ago

A shame really, like all the mixed review for Killzone Mercenary, when there isn't a portable shooter half as good as it is.

I don't see why this game can't be getting the Last of Us scores. I am enjoying it just as much as I did that and it is just as polished.

I just hope like he said that people actually play the game and judge it for themselves instead of automatically writing it off because of some reviewers who clearly can only handle casual game play and somehow think their lack of ability to play a more difficult game should constitute a lower score.

McScroggz1892d ago

I agree about Killzone: Mercenary. Handheld game review are kind of weird. There have been DS and 3DS games that people praise the visuals when compared even to just PSP and Vita games respectively they look pretty bad. Then we get what is possibly the first really well made FPS for a handheld and it's almost as if a lot of reviewers compared it to console FPSes.

It's just weird how handheld games seem to have such a moving target when it comes to quality. (For clarity sake I am by no means saying 3DS games get overrated and PS Vita games are underrated. It was just the first example I thought of :D).

-Foxtrot1892d ago

" that people actually play the game and judge it for themselves instead of automatically writing it off because of some reviewers who clearly can only handle casual game play and somehow think their lack of ability to play a more difficult game should constitute a lower score. "

I know right...Lucy O'Brien did the IGN review. A big release like this one and they don't have anyone in their main team do the review. They chose an editor from AU IGN. Doesn't add up in my opinion, what can Colin, Gregg and others be so busy with, it's not like there is much coming out this month in the same gap

buckley1892d ago

"A more difficult game..."

It's nearly impossible to fail in Beyond: Two Souls, so I'm not sure what you're getting at there.

DeadManIV1892d ago

I guess people can't really rely on reviews without some consistency. So you're just going to have to give it a shot yourself.