David Cage: No one should be allowed to define what a game is

No one should be allowed to define what a game is or should be, according to Quantic Dream studio head David Cage. Speaking with GameSpot about Beyond: Two Souls, Cage said he would like to see games break from tradition and tell new stories with new modes of play.

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vgcgames1895d ago

This is why I'm a fan of David Cage. He's an innovator

Regis1895d ago

Agreed can't wait to play his game on Thursday.

thorstein1895d ago

Indeed. It is my final purchase for the PS3. After that, all forward with PS4.

HighResHero1895d ago (Edited 1895d ago )

I was a little bit wary of him, because I do in fact want to play GAMES. I was hoping he wouldn't start a trend where too many games become more like interactive movies, but I don't think that was his intention.
Hopefully this will just lead to some new creative ideas.

CrossingEden1895d ago

Um, he's not an innovator, there is seriously not a single original plot point or scene to be found in Beyond:Two Souls. He just rips off movie scenes and mixes them around slightly.

1895d ago
cleft51895d ago

Same here, people who try to say what is or isn't a game is like people who try to say who is or isn't a gamer. A game at it's core is an interactive experience that the player controls. People act like if you aren't playing a fps game than the game is pointless, all the while wondering why games like CoD keeps getting released. It's so annoying.

Buuhan11894d ago

He's not an innovator. He's a filmmaker, a filmmaker who doesn't have the story telling ability to actually make it in the film industry.

strifeblade1894d ago

The man is smart, if he allowed reviewers to define his game then it would be horrible! The best thing sony fanboys can do is allow on their oppinion to matter and thus live happily in lala land. lol

Irishguy951894d ago

I like his games just like I like Cliff blesinski's games/

CLiff is an ***hole.
Cage is a pretentious film maker wannabe.

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Regis1895d ago

This guy! I need to learn to take what he says and not listen to critics. For example when movie critics say the movie is bad I learned that I actually like those movies.

HighResHero1895d ago (Edited 1895d ago )

A lot of critics, even well respected ones, can be opinionated, pseudo-intellectual jerks anyway :]

That is a statement I can respect from Mr. Cage and he might be starting to grow on me a little bit, provided he doesn't try too hard to impose his philosophy on other artists, creators, devs, etc.

@Disagrees: I would LOVE to hear your reasoning.

razorpakk1895d ago (Edited 1895d ago )

What this guy needs is to understand he's a poor writer and to hire a proper one for his next game.

jc485731895d ago

Sessler also released a video yesterday talking about the definition of video games.

sypher1895d ago (Edited 1895d ago )

Completely agreed. An art form doesn't conform to the expectations of it's audience. But the audience accept whatever form it comes in.

If not then it never evolves.

'The worst crime a crab can commit is trying to escape the bucket'.

The 'mass' will always bring the medium down, it is up to the artists not be discouraged and push the limitations of the medium until there are none.

zerocrossing1895d ago (Edited 1895d ago )

A game is primarily a interactive experience, this is a fact that has been present since gaming began. The thing I dislike most about Cage and his games, is that the lack of interactivity present in them is somehow considered "innovative" instead of "regressive" and the idea that cinematic story telling is enough to carry a primarily interactive form of entertainment.

I don't hate the guy I'm just not a fan.

Hicken1895d ago

You do something that makes a character do something, and that makes you feel some kinda way: that's all it takes to be interactive. Graphic novels rarely have much in the way of imersive gameplay, yet because you decide personalities and relationships, and these are designed to affect players on an emotional level, they can be among the most interactive games on the market.

Cage takes this route: he always seeks to illicit emotional responses, and tries to do so by establishing a connection between the player and character through unique gameplay mechanics and opportunities.

And that's what I like about his games.

biglittlesps1895d ago

I completely agree with you, cage wants to interact emotionally with story by giving a control unlike other games which is just for fun/other means. This is the first game that is targated towards emotional aspect of interactive game. This is the reason why its getting either high praise from who likes story and innovation in entertainment and worse reviews who likes to play the game just for fun or time pass without any attachment to the game mostly.

HighResHero1895d ago

Well said. I have yet to really play his games but I like the idea of finding creative ways to illicit emotional responses. I'll probably start with Heavy Rain though. No hurry since I already have too many games I have to catch up with.

iceman061894d ago

I totally agree. Add to that the fact that people didn't question when The Walking Dead took the industry by storm. There was very little talk about it being "just an interactive movie". Cage just gets flak for not wanting to shoehorn his game's styles into a particular genre. He just really wants to tell a story, illicit some sort of emotional response, and give you some control over how the story plays out (regardless of how limited). It is sort of an evolution of the point and click genre and the interactive movie styles of games like Space Ace and Dragon's Lair.
I think it's actually refreshing to play his games as a break from the usual. However, his games are not for everybody...and that's fine too.

Bathyj1894d ago (Edited 1894d ago )

To some people "gaming" is just quickscoping and Dragonpunches. It's all about reflexes and dexterity.

That's fine but that doesn't mean all games have to be that. Just cause a game engages your heart or your mind instead of your thumbs, doesn't mean it's not gameplay.

And people who aren't into it shouldn't act so threatened. It's not like this sort of game is going to take over gaming and all games will follow. Let those that do enjoy something different enjoy it. They'll still be plenty of generic military shooters for you to play.

I'm glad someone wants to make games with some heart. If they didn't there wouldnt be games like journey,ICO, flower or Rain. They're not for everyone but I'm glad they're there.

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