US PSN: Grab Dragon’s Crown at a discounted price for PlayStation VITA and PlayStation 3

Dragon’s Crown is the latest Beat-em-up RPG from developer Vanillaware, which is published by Atlus. It seems like Dragon’s Crown is currently on sale this week at US PlayStation store. Both the PlayStation 3 version and the PlayStation VITA version are being offered for discounted prices this week.

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FamilyGuy1893d ago

Been waiting on this to get discounted and it didn't take long at all, nice.

Thehyph1893d ago

Dooooo it!

I played the hell out of it on vita, but the ps3 version is tempting because of local co-op.

I suppose I'll have to make up my mind pretty quickly.

Fantastic game. It's a great game in general, but if you like beat 'em ups, fighters, or straight action rpg's, then it's definitely an A+ game.

miyamoto1892d ago

Man, I got this game Day One Digital. Its worth more than $50 bucks really.

The online coop MP is so good to serve its purpose.
We gotta support great niche titles like these.
This game is a labor of love by both Vanillaware and us the players.
This game is one of the best PS3/PS Vita game today.

HighResHero1892d ago (Edited 1892d ago )

I might have to go with a physical copy of this game, since I love Vanilla Ware and it will go well will the Dragon's Crown art books I purchased.
Not to mention it will save space on my memory card for more appropriate titles.
It's a great way to support the devs though, or buy the game new.

thehobbyist1892d ago

A good rule of thumb is to save that memory card space for download only games. Which you can see both Sony and Nintendo doing.

HighResHero1892d ago (Edited 1892d ago )

Exactly. Unless there are "free" ps+ titles I want to try and don't mind deleting afterwards. If I like it I can always delete it and then buy a copy. Just ordered my Vita which should be here in a day or two!