Arstechnica- Beyond: Two Souls Review: Beyond Awful

Arstechnica- "Quantic Dream's Heavy Rain follow-up is an unforgivable step back for storytelling."

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Mad Aizen1896d ago

The wild a varying nature of some of these reviews tells me that it's really worth picking up. They did the same thing to Heavy Rain and that game was amazing.

It's abundantly clear that this is one of those games where you either hate it or love it. With that said I will be playing it and make my own decision on whether I liked it or not.

Bundi1896d ago

Why are people lying about Heavy Rain getting bad reviews? HS was very well received, averaged an 87 on metacritic.

This seems to just not be as good.

pyramidshead1896d ago (Edited 1896d ago )

Seems to be having the whole Deadly Premonition effect on the reception front. Just below this article is an article giving it a 9/10, edit: and one above it giving it a 5/5

Guess some people really hated it, some really love it. I played the demo and it's just different I guess, but good different in my view.

MysticStrummer1896d ago

Cage's games will probably always be polarizing, but for those who want something different they're very cool. No game is for everyone.

It's interesting that this guy liked Heavy Rain, but he says HR's narrative was never out of control, which isn't true at all. That alone makes me inclined to ignore his opinion about Beyond. I'm still playing GTA Online and The Last of Us though.

chrissx1896d ago

You have to have a fair level of IQ to play,enjoy and understand a game like this. Its not for everyone.

zpoc1896d ago

yeah, you do have to have a certain 'level of IQ' to enjoy a game like this, but i hate to break it to you - it's not a high one.

this game is for dummies who'd rather have (or need) their hand held as they parrot back input prompts, rather than have any agency and freedom to engage in the game in a meaningful way. the game is condescending in it's lack of faith in the intelligence and aptitude of the player - and again, hate to break it you, but if you can't see that you're being condescended to, it's only because you're too stupid to realize it.

CrossingEden1896d ago

Lol I just saw that scene where Jodie was a teenager at a party, um, there is SO little character development that I was laughing when they all suddenly decided to attack Jodie, intelligence my ***

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