Microsoft's Phil Spencer Talks About Cross-Platform Potential on Next-Gen, Plus More

AusGamers caught up with Microsoft's Phil Spencer to discuss their next-gen entry: Xbox One. Read on for what he had to say.

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xHeavYx1891d ago

I was hoping he would talk about cross platform between PS4, Xbox and PC, wouldn't that be amazing?

Regis1891d ago

yeah it would so then I could talk and play with my PS friends, so I can wait until I get the money for PS4

FamilyGuy1891d ago

Couldn't you just Skype them while you play?

Couldn't play together or vs each other and I guess that would be the big issue/desired thing though lol

MS would never allow this, they've let big games slip into PS and PC exclusivity simply because of their stance against us playing together. It's pretty ironic that PS gamers get to play with PC gamers while a console made by MS isn't allowing this.

loulou1891d ago

family guy. i played shadowrun on the 360 against pc players! i also got an acheivment for reviving a pc player

1891d ago
hankmoody1891d ago

I'd love that. Sick of all this console warring.

thorstein1891d ago

Actually, wouldn't it be cool to have a game with a "console war" theme? Wherein Playstation players are always on the same team. Xbox players are on their team and PC on theirs?

And not just FPS... but strategy types or objective based games as well. Possibilities would be endless and coverage of the "leaderboards" would be instant PR for the game.

rdgneoz31891d ago

Seeing as they didn't want it to happen with FF XIV (same servers for PC, PS3, and eventually PS4 players), you'll probably only get that on pc/xbox only games.

Majin-vegeta1891d ago

Lol,not such a good idea.It would be worse all fanboys in one place let that sink in for a minute.

Fireseed1891d ago


My god would I love something like that!


It has... welcome to N4G

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thrust1891d ago

Not with PCs nooooo, consoles owners with controllers would get owned.

AceBlazer131891d ago

says who? little note fps isn't the only game even then i'd probably kick any pc players ass as much as i would console gamer. it all comes down to skill.

thrust1891d ago

Mouse and keyboard much much better than controller you would get owned!

Nekroo911891d ago

ive always used controllers on pc, and i still got high scores. the only game i had a problem was counter strike. skill.... and the right sensitive

WeAreLegion1891d ago

He's hard to look at, but his PR work has improved since E3. Good work, Phil.

djplonker1891d ago (Edited 1891d ago )

No cross platform for xbone....

final fantasy 14 was meant to be on ps3 , 360 , ps4 , xbone , and pc.

but m$ found out it would be "cross platform" with ps3 , ps4 and pc and told square enix they had to make separate servers for xbox only and tried to make square pay for it so they got told to F**k off!

No truly cross platform for xbox next gen unless they change their t&c's.

strange because people who are playing final fantasy 11 on the 360 are playing with people on pc's and PS2's lol

n4rc1891d ago

Its a security issue IMO..

Hicken1891d ago

That's the excuse they give, anyway.

n4rc1891d ago

Well it makes sense... Ms can't control other platforms or make sure it doesn't adversely effect their customers...

All systems use different matchmaking systems as well as a chat etc.. Its not just a matter of saying yeah OK and its done..

But truthfully, its just my opinion.. I dont know the true reason but its makes the most sense to me

Hicken1891d ago

Nobody can control any of that crap. And, given some reports, apparently MS isn't in complete control, either.

Nobody's claiming it's a super simple task. However, multiple developers have expressed interest in cross-platform play that would include PS3 and 360, so it would appear they believe it can be done without TOO much trouble.

Odds are: such games would be on the game's own servers, not Microsoft's. Meaning the game maker would be the one in control. It'd be no different than dedicated servers run by, say, EA for Battlefield. Microsoft can't control those, even on their own platform.

And they've allowed some cross-platform play with PC, already; no way in hell playing against PS3 players could potentially be more "adverse" than on PC, where it's far easier to cheat.

It's a cop-out, pure and simple.

beebap1891d ago

Another policy that does not help the gaming industry. All game developer may not want this but the ones that do it should allowed. This is actually your right why no ff14 on xbox.

beebap1891d ago

Laughed at section where he says they been talking to literally hundreds of indie developers and surprised stuff hasnt been leaked from them so he says thanks to them. Secretly he wishes they would have i think, good news on xbox one from indie would be great now.