inFamous: Second Son on PS4 Still has “4-5 Months Left in Development”, Map Size Similar to iF 1/2

With inFamous: Second Son taking place in the hometown of Sucker Punch, Seattle, you can expect to see a lot of familiar architecture traveling around with Delsin Rowe. - PSLS

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doctorstrange1892d ago

Someone do the math for me

Convas1892d ago

4 months = February
5 months = March

In short ... it's coming out in 2014.


Xsilver1892d ago

niceeee its worth the wait.

FamilyGuy1892d ago

They already said it was releasing in Feb 2014 over a month ago. Why is this confusing now?

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WeAreLegion1892d ago

Good to hear. The maps for inFamous 1/2 are massive!

Bundi1892d ago

Bit of an overstatement. I'd hardly say they were massive.
Anyway I hope the world is more alive than anything, 1 and 2's world rarely compelled one to explore besides hunting for shards.

ZodTheRipper1892d ago

I loved Empire City in 1 but New Marais somehow wasn't that interesting. Seattle looks very promising though.

FamilyGuy1892d ago

"I think inFamous 2 was very similar to inFamous 1 in size and scope – it’s gonna be along that scale, if not bigger."

They were pretty big already.

WeAreLegion1891d ago

Why did you get the agrees and I got the disagrees? We agreed.

Rimeskeem1892d ago

Not massive but with the amount of detail and ways you can get around and such it will seem bigger then it actually is

cell9891892d ago

this game wont be bound to launch dead lines or multiplat releasing, or current gen porting. A true next gen title

fattyuk1892d ago

I for one am not fussed by map size, give me a well detailed smaller interactive map than a large empty world any day of the week!

WeAreLegion1892d ago

See...I'm of two minds about this one. The inFamous games are always rich with content, while still maintaining a large map.

Then, you have something like Just Cause 2. It has, by far, the largest map of the generation. Things are more spread out. But, that gives you more room to do stunts, get away from enemies, and wreak havoc...which is what the game was created for. So, I guess it depends on the title.

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The story is too old to be commented.