360 Gamer: Splinter Cell: Conviction Preview

This is a game which will turn the series on its head. Conviction is designed to make stealth a matter of setting up diversions and dealing with fluid enemies rather than tracking their movements to sneak under their radar. To put it crudely, from what Ubisoft has been willing to show so far, Conviction will take Assassin's Creed's ethos and put it in a modern day setting.

On the run following the events of Double Agent, Conviction catches up with a retired Sam, living out his days quietly in the Mediterranean, but tempted out of hiding to protect his friend Anna Grimsdóttír from a danger unknown. Hooking back up with Third Echelon proves less than rewarding, however, with Sam finding it riddled with red tape and mistrust. Play therefore follows Sam as he goes it alone, giving gamers their first real look in six years of Splinter Cell at what lies beneath his surface.

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003891d ago

hope this has 2 player co-op but other then that the game sounds like it's going to be fun.

sonarus3891d ago

Sorry to be so pessimistic but i sincerely doubt it. I would be surprised if multiplayer of any form makes it in

Dr Pepper3891d ago

You know Sonarus, for hating on this game so much, you sure do love to post in the threads. By the way, they said aspects from the single player would be in the multiplayer. Strange they would say that and not include multiplayer. Do your research before you post.

sonarus3891d ago (Edited 3891d ago )

lol well i guess i am surprised then. But yea you are right i hate this game. Not hating just to hate it, just genuinely dislike the direction the SC series is going. Its beginning to feel less and less like a stealth game with every iteration

InMyOpinion3890d ago

I think this game will have 2 player co-op as much as Metal Gear Solid 4 will have it. It isn't suited for either game.

crunchie1013890d ago

I think co-op would be perfect Chaos Theory style, with you and a friend playing two rookies working for Third Echelon, trying to hunt down Sam Fisher.

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Deadman643891d ago

Double Agent was ok...

I might rent this one before I buy... or they release a demo I'll base it off that. Hopefully multiplayer is better too.

power of Green 3891d ago (Edited 3891d ago )

This game is nothing like Double Agent. Like saying PGR4 is ok when talking about Forza 2.

This has Alone in the Dark-like gameplay where you use environmental objects like chairs etc to brace against doors and stuff and it has the action of the older games.

Saying this is like Assasin's Creed doesn't even do it justice. Its more like an action packed stealth *Alone in the Dark*.

Deadman643891d ago

true but UBI lose my trust with their previous game, it was good but only a rent i felt. I realize that the better Splinter Cell studio is working on this one too so it should be better.

power of Green 3891d ago (Edited 3891d ago )

From the video I seen from *Ubi days* the gameplay is more like THE BOURNE ULTIMATUM with Assasin's Creed-like AI thats more advanced and the humun interactions more indepth. I seen Sam being chashed into a room and Sam grabbed a chair and propped it against the door so the police couldn't get in the room. It has Dead Riseing-like interactions with environmental objects.

This will be a hit amoung adult gamers all over the world.

The physics are far more advanced than 99% of games I'v seen.

pp3891d ago

this games going to be way more fun than this other game i don't want to mention

heyheyhey3891d ago

what Babies Horse Adventure? yeah i guess your right

come on dont be annoying, just say MGS4 if you really have to

Grown Folks Talk3891d ago

Either way, I can't wait for this game. Should have been playing it last month, but the extra time will only make it better I hope. At least let me keep the knife. = }

Breakfast3891d ago

What the hell...? This game came back out of nowhere

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