The Best Ways to Make Money (and Keep it Safe) in GTA Online

Making money in GTA Online can be a bit of a grind, and who wants to buy it with real money? With that in mind, presents you with the best ways to make money (and keep it safe) in Grand Theft Auto Online.

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GarrusVakarian1891d ago (Edited 1891d ago )

Not hard to earn money at all. Rank up enough and the missions give you 7 to 10 grand a pop, even more than that as you rank up further. Im at 240k right now and that's after buying a motorbike, garage and weapons/ammo.

Being good at the game also helps, you get a lot more from coming first.

xHeavYx1891d ago

Playing with good teammates always helps too. It's difficult to do missions by yourself, especially if you amp up the difficulty

gametipcenter1891d ago

I agree to some extent, however it's pretty rough in the beginning, which is what this guide intended for.

GarrusVakarian1891d ago

I somewhat agree. Being good helps, doing missions with friends and taking a luxury SUV (the range rover type car called the Galavanter Baller brings in 9k) to Los Santos Customs to sell every 24 in game hours also helps massively.

XB1_PS41891d ago

It's not bad at all, I have collected a pretty good amount of stuff including:
400k apartment
JB 700
Sandking xl
Bati 801
All of which are completely sup'd up. Except 100% armor
And All the weapons available up to level 74.

It has occurred to me that this game is stealing my life, when it works.

XB1_PS41891d ago

@AFCCannonieri 8:20 est i'll post a couple pictures. I'm currently at work.

GarrusVakarian1891d ago

No way you could have gotten all of those things without some form of farming.

XB1_PS41891d ago

@Lukas Damn skippy I did. I'm just getting my revenge on R* for having a bad online launch. :)

gametipcenter1891d ago

Agreed, not bad once you know the drill, which is what this article is intended for.

I've been reading a lot of comments lately of people up in arms about farming in this game, but I don't see the issue. Games like WoW have XP and gold farming techniques, and those are generally accepted. I've always seen it as efficient gaming personally, so farm on people.

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Adityac1890d ago

Playing Survival and surviving up to wave 7 earns you about 10k, pretty decent but you would need a friend or another player with a higher level to get you that mission if you have a low level.

gametipcenter1890d ago

I forgot about Survival. I'll have to add that to the guide, thanks for the reminder.

I think Survival will be the primary farming missions for a while after the incoming patch that removes the current replay glitch.