Does Gaming Really Run A Risk Of Crashing? (Again)

Cinelinx : "

There is a new generation of consoles on the horizon, and every time this happens there is a lot revolving around it. Beyond the excitement and thrills about the future, there are negative sides to it too. There are tons of low end consoles trying to make a break for some new sales, people saying tablets will take over, or the usual “they run the risk of failing.” To that last comment I say obviously, but the risk is low. To say the industry runs a risk of crashing is something I want to target today though.

There have been several analysts that predicted several things, and one of them is that the game industry runs the risk of heading into another crash. Of course many older gamers know a few decades ago the industry basically killed itself by over saturated every area of the market, and sending gamers home sad. So what makes for it to return?"

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Tzuno1896d ago

Let me tell you something. I am not impressed by the next gen smoke and mirrors. Wait and see then decide. Do not rush.

Truth1896d ago

Unless the gaming industry did something so nefarious that it disenfranchised hundreds of millions of gamers... I seriously doubt a crash anytime soon. Or ever again if I could be so bold.

IQUITN4G1896d ago

The potential is certainly there despite gamers telling themselves they love the state of games. And then there is the new bigger picture of those that have found 'games' in accessible form. Not that I actually have anything against a more casual game. Unfortunately this new audience is a fickle one and that's more the problem

Crash is quite likely i predict unless games evolve

Soldierone1896d ago

How though? If anything those new casual users leave, the phone market goes back to doing its own thing, and we lose a few studios that make knockoffs. I don't see how that will hurt the core gaming market at all. Gamers want console, otherwise the pre order numbers would have been dull. Kids are growing up to be gamers and it will be that way for generations.

It COULD slip down the road, but not anytime soon in my opinion.

IQUITN4G1896d ago

Just think gamers will tire eventually of doing the same thing from games. We shall see in this regard

Big-Bruizzer1896d ago

Evolving is a factor but the new pay-to-win strategy will be the downfall of gaming. Also having an annual sequel that's rushed to market with a season pass for content that could have been added to the game in the first place had they waited a couple of months extra to release it is a big factor as well. What does it all boil down to? Greed. That's what will bring gaming to an end again.