PlayStation’s DualShock 4 May Change Other Gaming Systems

CCC Says: "Can’t we all just share our toys?
Over the years, it’s been interesting to see how technology has allowed us to branch out from the traditional way of gaming. Everyone knows that when it comes to consoles, each system has its own unique propriety trademarks. The PlayStation controller, for example, is often considered one of the best gaming controllers ever. Ergonomically speaking, the shape and contour of the plastic fits perfect in just about anyone’s hands comfortably."

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IRAQI_PS41897d ago

ps4 is the best place to play

zippycup1897d ago

maybe its just me but this article is just flame waiting to spark

UnHoly_One1897d ago

Give me a way to play PS3 or PS4 with an Xbox controller and I'll be damned happy.

grumpc1897d ago

No, but you can have a 'disagree' instead?