New content coming to the Xbox Live Game Store Soon.

Lots of new content is coming to the Xbox love game store soon in fact new content should start arriving today.

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Software_Lover1894d ago

I dont care what anyone says, I dont care if they like Xbox or Playstation, I dont care how many hours they worked on them: All themes should be free. All Playstation themes should be free. All Xbox themes should be free. That's just how I feel.

Godmars2901894d ago

There should be tools on the consoles which allow you to make your own for free, you should be able to make a photo album which transitions through pictures, but the more creative and animated themes should cost money.

Software_Lover1894d ago

I have made ps3 themes in the past for a lot of people. Hell, the first ps3 theme I made for myself was a Halo theme. It was damned good if I do say so myself. Having said that, most of the 360 themes are nothing but wallpapers. Why am I paying for wallpapers?

wicked1894d ago

Any photo can be a background on 360. So just make what you want in photoshop or similar

hankmoody1894d ago

I'd say they should be free simply because you're advertising for them. Free or dirt cheap.

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GiantEnemyCrab1894d ago

"Lots of new content is coming to the Xbox love game store"

Xbox Love eh? Is this Kinect content by chance? Hubba hubba

redcar1211894d ago

I pay tax I should get on the bus for free or train since my tax money psy their staff