Easily Max Your Stealth Stat - GTA5 Online

Wrap a rubberband around the joysticks on your controller and leave the game running for an hour or so, and your stealth stat will be maxed out!

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dski10801895d ago

Wow, that's a big time saver.

XB1_PS41895d ago

What did they do? I'm on my phone, and I only have like 200mb left on my data.

hep me pls

GarrusVakarian1895d ago

Is there actually any point to the stealth online? When would you actually use it?

beer_baron1895d ago

Stealth is very important. Stealth reduces the noise you make during deathmatches, so you don't show up on the enemies radar as much

GarrusVakarian1895d ago

Or you could just jog. The noise indicator circle isn't even noticeable when you jog.

BattleTorn1895d ago


Ain't nobody got time for dat

Outsider-G1895d ago

This is what I did in single player as well. Maxed out Driving and Stealth for my online character so far