PSU: Warhawk -- Operation: Broken Mirror Review

Broken Mirror adds two new elements in regards to how you can play the game. Warhawk enthusiasts will be given yet another two reasons to fall back in love with the game they already enjoy.


* + Balanced gameplay still intact
* + Huge valley offers intense flight experiences
* + Sniper location above the bell tower is impressive


* - Maneuverability with APC could be a tad better

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EZCheez3893d ago

Those things are a beast, and I love going right up to a zone and letting out a force field. The charge boost is insane too. You can drive right through a jeep. I haven't tried a tank yet but I bet it wouldn't take much.

Warhawk to me is reborn. The only negative about it is that I have to split my time now between Warhawk and GT5P. Darn you Warhawk! Why do you hurt so good?!

TheWickedOne3893d ago

I just bought warhawk about a week ago. Is this worth it for the noob. Warhawk is so freaking addicting.

EZCheez3893d ago

If you choose to by an expansion get this one. Unless you want to get the combo pack.

Seriously though, Broken Mirror is worth every penny.

TheWickedOne3893d ago

The only thing a can't stand about the game is when someone kills the game, when your team is going to go ahead. Just started playing and it happen 3 times.

Anyways, I'll probably pick up both for 11.99. Seems like a good deal.

nevimkdojsem23893d ago

play on the official servers (blue ones with a cup symbol in the leftmost column), this way nobody can kick you out of them, plus the are always ranked and you dont get lag (if you choose those in your region, with ping < 80).

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Ace-Jury3893d ago

you cant get in it, thats a con