The 25 most significant new fighting-game characters from this generation

We have seen a lot of KO screens since 2005. Fighting games have attained a popularity not seen since the arcade years thanks to the revival of famous franchises, the rise of online play and patching, and the growth of tournaments in terms of both participants and online viewership. With the Wii U already out and the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 launching in weeks, it’s time to observe what new characters and ideas prevailed in the past generation.

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iDadio1892d ago

I enjoy fighting games but it's the one genre I completely blow at sadly

Dno1892d ago

Yea fighting games will never be a super popular type of game simply because its the hardest of all type of games to get into and to master.

I love them tho.

CRAIG6671892d ago

I still play SS4 online, and I'm probably average at best but I actually get a real kick out of getting my ass handed to me by a true pro, it rarely happens but you usually know within moments of a match starting that you're fooked lol! Love seeing people's skills!

Sadie21001892d ago

God, I'd love to forget Yoda. Thanks a lot for bringing that back up!

ironfist921892d ago

Slow news day I presume..

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