PS Vita TV: If It Came to the West

All in all, it seems the PS Vita TV would do well if it came to other countries like the U.S. It gives those who haven’t jumped in yet an option to do so.

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TongkatAli1894d ago (Edited 1894d ago )

I'm importing it, f waiting, waiting is overrated as hell. This will be in my house by November.

jujubee881894d ago

It would be wise to wait probably. I mean outside of Japanese stuff what else would be compatible?

darthv721894d ago

honestly, its not a matter of "if" its a matter of "when". Sony has said it will come to the west but they obviously are releasing in JP first because the PS4 is delayed there. it gives them something to enjoy in the mean time (i would guess).

When it comes to the west, it will sell and most likely for less than importing (no offense tongatali).

Im a patient person, i can wait till it gets officially released and during which time i will just rack up the PS+ games on my ps3 and vita.

jujubee881894d ago

It would be a total dream when it comes and even if just some of the indie stuff I play is on both VITA and VITA TV.

Because than I can just carry the VITA in my laptop bag (like always) and the credit card sized VITA TV, an HDMI, DS3 and play anyway I like.


Godmars2901894d ago

More like it gives a handheld dominated market a chance to transition back to consoles or rather playing games on TVs.

FamilyGuy1893d ago (Edited 1893d ago )

Vita games aren't region locked.
You could play... everything.

jujubee881893d ago

"Vita games aren't region locked.
You could play... everything"

Yeah but I don't know Japanese..

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Godmars2901894d ago

Besides Sony hopefully being smart enough to bring this over, I hope some devs make titles for this with it more in mind than the PSV.

Death1894d ago

The push behind VitaTV seems to be the paid tv service Sony is launching. This goes back to their Viacom deal more than anything. The VitaTV would be the lowest cost device that could stream the pay service to homes over their broadband connection. The delay to launch outside of Japan could very well be due to agreements that need to be made in other territories.

kratos_TheGoat1894d ago

ps vita tv with ps3/ps4 controller is epic :-)

CaptainYesterday1894d ago

It will come to the west eventually and it will sell like crazy!

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The story is too old to be commented.