GTA IV: Lies, Pranks, and Photoshop

If you're a regular man about the internet, you've undoubtedly come across some jackhole purporting to have a copy of Grand Theft Auto IV weeks ahead of its April 29th release date. YouTube, Digg, and message boards everywhere are currently awash with several fraudulent claims. Could some of them be real?

Well, as of this writing, Games Radar can only confirm that every YouTube search variation they could think of for "Grand Theft Auto IV intro" DOES NOT yield the real thing. All fake, and more often than not, a fast pass to getting Rick Roll'd. Every game box is equally suspect. At this point Games Radar have all seen so many, and become so jaded, they probably wouldn't trust anything that wasn't personally hand delivered in cellophane by a Rockstar employee and a Notary Public.

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iAmPS33809d ago

What a stupid fu**c**in**g article.
Thought I was going to see some nice photoshoping but it was just a pile of ugly crap

SUP3R3809d ago

It started out funny then it just got annoyingly stupid.

Mystery_Person3809d ago

I agree. I don't see the point in pretending to have the game.

Frnicatr3809d ago

I found the pages of random photoshopped photos hilarious.

brothersimon3809d ago

never gonna run aroun and desert you!1