Gamekult- Beyond: Two Souls Review

GK:The fault on the one hand, a sluggish pace, similar to that of a point and click with the characters slowly across the screen looking for a decorative element to activate, and which contrasts sharply with the flights Hollywood narrative sequences. An issue already raised in Heavy Rain.

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Angerfist1890d ago

Is everyone asleep here or why doesnt this have 50 comments already :D i think from the graphics alone this Looks insane, but apparently the Story and Gameplay arent up to that.

fooltheman1890d ago

What if this game really needs to be approached differently than say grand theft auto 5?

What if some of the reviewers miss the main idea?

1890d ago
izumo_lee1890d ago

It's a graphically enhanced 'point & click' adventure game. There is nothing wrong with games like these & for those complaining about whether this is considered a game or not can look to these games to prove otherwise.

I'm a big fan of niche 'perverted' JRPGs & i have accepted that these aren't for everyone. A game like Beyond will be seen in the same way, people will either love it or hate it.

In a generation populated by FPS up the wazoo sometimes it is okay to 'experience' something different. For that i applaud David Cage & his team at Quantic Dream to give players a whole different experience that is unlike what we get 90% of the time.

memots1890d ago

but but but .. the polygons ......

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