Valve’s Steam Box isn’t a PS4 or Xbox One killer

With the announcement of SteamOS, Steam Machines, and the Steam Controller, Valve has effectively worked the internet into a frenzy. The number of voices singing Valve’s praises has been enormous, and with good reason.

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malokevi1891d ago

The article says a lot about the merits of traditional consoles, and I agree completely.

"While a nice PC made of off-the-shelf parts can usually outperform consoles, the high barrier to entry and fast-paced upgrade cycle will make the average gamer scoff."

"With consoles, developers always know what hardware they can expect, and that makes for better optimization across the board. Even though the PS3 is seven years old now, The Last of Us pulled off jaw-dropping visuals because the team at Naughty Dog was able to squeeze every last drop of processing power out of the PS3. Good luck trying to get that kind of performance on a gaming PC purchased in 2006."

Killa781891d ago

I guess this box makes it easier to get into pc gaming for those that may not want to build something or have a tower in their living room.

It's an interesting premise which I can't see being as popular as consoles though because they're more accessible.

kevnb1891d ago (Edited 1891d ago )

if you stick to 720p and 30 fps and less you sure can. Problem is everyone wants to play at 1080 and 60 fps on pc. Not to mention a ps3 in 2006 was 600 and probably doesnt even work now. Console marketing has everyone brainwashed...
So with valve marketing this and making it easier for non techies to get into pc gaming, I think at least one of the console makers will have to exit, I hope its Microsoft.
The only problem with PC gaming is that many people just dont have the required knowledge, as basic as it is. People will crank the settings, up the resolution as high as they can, and then complain.

DJMarty1891d ago

@kevnb - My Fat PS3 works like new, even been 7 year old.


Somebody1891d ago

"With consoles, developers always know what hardware they can expect,"

That's what Valve is trying to achieve with its Steam Universe initiative for the PC. Instead of going to one configuration like consoles, its tackling the problem through a series of presets but still give consumers and developers room to expand on it. If your lowest configuration can play games at a decent performance level then third party machines or DIY PCs set above that would be able to play games too. Its not how the machines are specced but at how much optimization the developers have made.

Yes, The Last of Us is pushing the very last drop of power from the PS3 and yet the same can also be applied to the PC if the developers are given the motivation to do so. That's where Steam Box can really help.

Ryto1891d ago

I see the steam box as being in a similar area as Macs... Bare with me. People buy a mac for multiple reasons, be it design, the OS, but something we all are very much aware of the fact that macs do not make good gaming platforms. I think the steambox would be for individuals who want a complete PC gaming experience at the high end. An alternative to a standard PC. Whole new brand.

Hope I've been able to explain my logic, I'm at work so I've had to type fast.

SpiralTear1891d ago

The Steam Box is a interesting idea in concept, but Valve hasn't shown us much that we can't already find on your normal gaming PC. This use of "SteamOS nativity" is the part that I'm most curious about, but aside from that and the Steam Controller, I'm simply not seeing too many reasons to buy a Steam Box instead of a regular PC. Maybe they'll show us more later down the line, but people are already paying attention to Sony and Microsoft, so getting attention away from those further on will be difficult.

I don't think they'll fail, but I really don't expect the Steam Boxes to faze any of the Big 3 to a threatened level at all.

GrizzliS19871891d ago

steambox wont sell 5 million. whether that will be a success anyway is up for questioning

AceBlazer131891d ago

i think it's gonna tank. i just don't see who they're trying to aim these machines at.

-Foxtrot1891d ago

At one side you have Valves core audience, the PC gaming community where you'll have the majority of people who have some great, well put together gaming rigs. To most of them the question will be "Why would I want this, I built my rig and it's doing it's job". As for the controller most of them I'm betting would rather stick to what they like best, the standard Keyboard and mouse set up.

On the other hand you have the console community, yeah some dabble in the PC gaming market but some of us probably only have a good enough PC for some games. We've played our Terraria, our Minecraft and even our MMOs like Starcraft or Diablo but for us the question is "Why would I want this when I COULD build my own rig instead. For us though it comes down to the controller, like how PC gamers like there Keyboard and Mouse setup Console gamers like our traditional controllers which asks another question "How is this an improvement". I mean sure you can point to the argument that you need to play on it to get a feel of it but none of us can truly judge it good or bad. In my opinion the way the buttons are laid our and the fact we like our analouge sticks so we know where pushing something in the right direction I don't see it working

So in a way to me in my honest opinion I don't see who they are aiming at

If they did what was rumoured to be, a Steambox like a traditional controller, where you can buy multiplatform third party games in shops for Valves console as well as the online. (Us gamers like physical discs) then I would understand. Add the fact you could use mods with games in the future like the next L4D or old L4D games, get constant updates for the next TF game like TF2 and also play on GMod with user created content we would have a winner on my hands

EvilDonkey1891d ago (Edited 1891d ago )

OK, I do not comment often, as I find most of these comments (consoles vs consoles vs PC) stupid and only read them out of boredom.

What I have gotten out of most of your SteamBox comments, is that it is stupid because you do not get the SteamBox and/or the controller. This is also what I get out of most of the "SteamBox hating" comments.

For some reason, you guys are stuck in the Consoles vs PC universe and therefor fail to see the real point(s).

1. The SteamBox targets every gamer, who does not want to build his/hers own PC and still wants some kind of warranty for the WHOLE machine, and not just part of it. Lets call it a system warranty. If the price is right, I would tell my friends to buy X or Y SteamBox, because I do not want to build systems for all of them and be their free of charge technical supporter for life. So why make a SteamBox, as there are a ton of premade PCs out there? To get SteamOS out and brand it in real life shops. <- MAIN REASON

2. The Steam Big Picture mode, targets gamers who wants to play from a couch.

3. The controller targets gamers who wants to be able to play every game, incl. RTS, from a couch.

4. This here is the real reason for everything Valve is doing. SteamOS. Why is Valve making the SteamOS? Well, easy, they saw the real problem with PC gaming and that is Microsoft. Before the first XBOX, DX really moved along fast plus a lot of kernal optimization was done for better supporting game, with each iteration of Windows. Since the first XBOX, DX has hardly been moving anywhere and Windows has gotten worse when it comes to games. In other words, MS is trying to move gamers from PC to XBox. Now, SteamOS is Valves answer to the problem.

In short: The main goals is to move PC gamers away from Windows, make PC gaming better from a couch and to make it easier for people who doesnt know much about PCs to play PC games.

Oh, and a comment to your "Us gamers like physical discs". Not all gamers like discs. I have not have a CD/DVD/BluPoo-drive for 8 years and have 175 games on steam, around 30 on and about 10 others from other online digital only retails.

starchild1891d ago (Edited 1891d ago )

That's silly. I know lots of people who are interested in PC gaming, but are intimidated by the perceived complexity of it and the perceived inability to easily play in the living room from the couch.

Valve is trying to simplify things and make PC gaming more inviting.

And "us gamers like physical discs"? Really? Speak for yourself. Obviously the 100% year over year growth of Steam says otherwise.

I don't care about physical discs. They're a hindrance and take up space and only help to deplete our earth's resources. Just as I prefer digital music and digital ebooks for the convenience and the space they save, I feel the same way about games.

-Foxtrot1891d ago

@Above comments

...great but thats your opinion. I'm getting a sense that you two are basically like "Your wrong because our opinion is different" which comes off smug like in my opinion

Oh and starchild

" Just as I prefer digital music and digital ebooks for the convenience and the space they save, I feel the same way about games. "

LOL...your comparing music files which only consist of MB to games which can take hours to download and cost you 20 GB plus for full retail games.

bromtown1891d ago

It's a strange beast. Too expensive to compete with consoles, under powered and too closed for the serious PC gamer. I think it'll have to carve out a section of the market for itself, to me it's for people who have money but can't be bothered or don't have the technical knowledge to build a PC and also like to sit on the settee and game.

solar1891d ago (Edited 1891d ago )

Wut? They are putting the 700 GTX series GPU's in the premade Steam Boxes. And the prices haven't been released yet.

bromtown1890d ago

I'm going off the parts prices in the article. $700 - $1800. If the top whack one is $1800 why not build your own is what I'm saying, I doubt anyone with $1800 for a PC is going to buy a Steam Machine, and if you're on a budget you'll probably get a console rather than the low end Steam Machine.

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