Square Enix announces community-focused development initiative called Collective

Square Enix has announced a new community-focused initiative called Collective, in which the company plans to bring together both creators and the video game community to bring gaming concepts to market.

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Activemessiah1890d ago

Cool, let's begin with that FF7 full remake shall we?

Snookies121890d ago (Edited 1890d ago )

You want concepts from the game community? How about realizing that you've sent multiple cease and desist orders to fans (the game community) trying to remake Chrono Trigger. Yet SE still won't do anything with the franchise. Shouldn't the fact that people keep trying to remake the game themselves be some kind of indicator that people want it?

That, and not to mention the wild fanbase of FF7 wanting a remake for years and years. SE pisses me off more than they make me happy ever since X-2 came out. They went from my most beloved developers to just average. Quite frankly the only things I look forward to by them in most cases are games headed by Nomura now. (FFVX and KH3)

Unlimax1890d ago

I'm all for Parasite Eve 3 / Remake

CNCOMICS1890d ago

What a joke. Cut the middleman and go through Indiegogo yourself.

If you really want to play by Sqaure Enix (the publisher)'s rules and want to work with the Eido's back catalog, then this may be for you -and then, even that's in the air for now.