PS3 gets seven inch LCD screen

If you can't afford Ben Heck's PS3 laptop, then here's a cheaper (and obviously not as efficient) solution to portable PS3 gaming. Much like the PS1 and PS2 consoles, the PS3 now has a mini-LCD display screen. The 7" LCD screen is made by a company called Clearvision. A price has not been revealed.

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GutZ313839d ago

If anyone buys this, I don't care for them much as a person.

Fishy Fingers3839d ago

PSP2 right there :P

I'll pass thanks...

QuackPot3839d ago

For that size screen, the PsP2 should double as a screen and controller for the Ps3.

Otherwise, the idea should only have merits with 14"+ LCD clip on screen.

heyheyhey3839d ago

"Playstation Portable 2, now with emphasis on the portable"

Lord Anubis3839d ago

once the PS3 slim or a thinner PS3 comes out it will go right in my car.

resistance1003839d ago

Wouldn't it make sense for them to wait for a slimline Ps3 to be released before making this, the Ps3 is too big for this. Plus the fact its not a HD screen so whats the point

heyheyhey3839d ago


whats the point of having HD on a screen of that size

it would make barely any difference anyway

TUFFnNYC3839d ago

If it was an HD screen then i will buy it. I bought a similar product for the PS2 and honestly it was worth it while i would go on trips frequently. Also, im in college and since i commute and have about a 5 hour gap between my 1st and 2nd class i would definetly use it in one of the wireless lounges. But i do understand the factors like not being slim and lugging the PS3 around but i dont care.

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The story is too old to be commented.