Gaming Illustrated | Beyond: Two Souls Review

When Heavy Rain was released in 2010, many said it was one of those experiences only possible on PlayStation 3. That sentiment was used as both joke and accolade. Detractors got a chuckle at how only the PS3 would be home to a game that was little more than an interactive movie. Supporters welcomed the story of the Origami Killer, claiming that only the PS3 would house such unique games. What ultimately couldn’t be denied was that David Cage and his team at Quantic Dream took players on an interactive journey full of emotion and mystery. Maybe it wasn’t perfect, but it redefined gaming as a medium for storytelling. Beyond: Two Souls is an evolution of those core concepts laid out by Heavy Rain. It defies what players can traditionally expect from a video game while pushing the limits of technology and game direction. In short, this isn’t one to miss.

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PLAYER50951866d ago

?. if i didnt preorder the game from gamestop and head over to gamestop and buy it will they give me the exclusive extras?

ctorretta1866d ago

I believe so, yeah. The extras are just part of the "Special Edition" which as far as I can tell is simply the first run of the game at Gamestop.

GryestOfBluSkies1866d ago

they might not have any copies... i dont know if all gamestops operate this way, but the ones by me only have enough copies to fill pre orders. their second shipments go to anyone else. best buy or other stores that sell games should have it, in the event that happens to you

SlyFamous021866d ago

Good score but its a pity when a game gets slammed for doing something different, HR is a great example of it, and yet its one of the best games I have played this gen and Im sure Beyond will be every thing I expect from it.

Bundi1866d ago

Who slammed HR? How does HR get slammed and yet have an 87 meta score?

People, why are we trying to rewrite history just to make it seem as though the media has an agenda against these types of games?