Dust 514:Uprising 1.5 Update For New Eden (PS3)

CCP released the latest of it promised update for DUST 514. Uprising 1.5 is the latest installment , 1.5 Focuses on new expanded Corporation roles as well as new player experience and the new Squad Finder.

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Software_Lover1892d ago

Oooooooh, sooooo much N4G hype for this game. Does anyone still play it?

Emilio_Estevez1892d ago (Edited 1892d ago )

It's got a small but steady player base. They really botched the launch. Probably focused on getting it out on May 14 (5-14), instead of focusing on core mechanics. That really turned a lot of people away. A bunch of friends of mine thought it was amazing watching me play, only think the opposite when they played it themselves. It's kind of too much MMO for an FPS fan, and too much FPS for an MMO fan. You'd have to have played it to understand.

That being said, they've constantly been updating it based on player feedback and it gets better with (almost) every update.

In the end the game is F2P, so people will probably play it for a while.

Tony-Red-Grave1892d ago

What they really botched was the fact the they took it out of beta so early. They should've made sure they had all the basics covered first. The basics being:

Basic/Racial light,medium,and heavy suits (not things like the commando and pilot suits but the basic suits.)

Basic/Racial weapons

Basic/Racial Tanks and mods

etc etc. Just those things that truly make the game unique the representation of ALL 4 fractions in game. Last time I played it was all Caldari suits :/.

Ghostbob1892d ago

it has about 50,000 players at any one time.

Tony-Red-Grave1892d ago

no. It has only 3K-4K players at any given time the other players are from EVE. My source for that is from the dust patch notes themselves. I'm pretty sure they mention how the dust/EVE numbers are one in the same. If you want you can check on the dust forums yourselfs they'll be able to explain it better than I.

But it's not 50K people playing dust the average is 3K

Emilio_Estevez1892d ago

That is false, but it's not your fault though, the # it shows you in game is all of tranquility (the server), which includes Dust and Eve.

r211892d ago

Im waiting for the PS4 version.

Emilio_Estevez1891d ago

I think you might be waiting forever then, literally.

r211891d ago

Nah, I remember reading an article that the devs were planning to support this game for as long as the PS9 so im sure a PS4 version is in development. Hopefully with very much needed improvements.