The Helghast Infantry in Killzone Shadow Fall

GG: The Helghast Army has evolved since the events of Killzone 3. The destruction of Helghan and the decimation of the Helghast population forced a change in military doctrine. They could no longer afford to overwhelm their foes with endless formations of lightly trained soldiers. The New Helghan Army needed a new breed of troopers...

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sigfredod1808d ago

Helgast the ultimate bad ass

black0o1808d ago (Edited 1808d ago )

they are the face/icon of Killzone .. i'd luv to ply on helgast side and kick some ISA ass

LackTrue4K1808d ago

I love Killzone!!!!

I even got the Gurilla Games logo on both shoulders!!! (G)

"Long live Helgust!!!!"

1808d ago
Xsilver1808d ago (Edited 1808d ago )

Those designs are unreal damn they look good i hope the design team gets a raise notice how they always make the helghast look more badass.

pyramidshead1808d ago

Always loved the art direction in Killzone for some reason. It's like you're killing British space Nazis.

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Abash1808d ago

I freaking love the Helghast and they are even more awesome in Killzone: Shadow Fall. After reading this it makes waiting to play Shadow Fall next month even harder

Riderz13371808d ago

Approximately one month left till the PS4 and this bad boy come out...Oh man the excitement is KILLING me!

scott1821808d ago

Time is flying. This game is gonna be amazing.

Majin-vegeta1808d ago

These look more aggressive without showing meercy.

Convas1808d ago

I don't remember the native Helghan Helghast as being particularly "merciful."

It's just that these guys look formidable and highly aggressive because they are better trained.

fpshooter21808d ago

Wow!!!! Now that's badass. Cant wait till Nov 15th.

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