GTA Online is Way More Frustrating Than Fun

CraveOnline writes: "It's been exactly three weeks since Grand Theft Auto V arrived on store shelves. The reception couldn't have been more positive with dozens of perfect review scores, over $1 billion made in the first three days of sales, and breaking Guinness World Records like it's nothing.

Rockstar Games chose to delay the multiplayer side of the experience two weeks in order to "give players time to finish the story without distraction". As saintly as that sounds, it seems unlikely at this point. Players, including myself, have had to bear with one of the most unstable online experiences in video game history. Everything from stability, saved data, and structure has been delivered well below par. When it works it's great, but it works so infrequently that the majority of the experience is overshadowed by frustration. At this point it's a test of will to play GTA Online.

I've gone back and forth about reviewing GTA Online. I've spent so much time trying to play that it feels like a lost cause. Should I wait until 2014 to review it? By then most gamers will have likely moved on. I'm still undecided, and for now I'll list some of the most agonizing parts of the game."

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xHeavYx1891d ago

I haven't played much, but I've been lucky, level 11 with no issues after the last patch

sklorbit1891d ago

32 here, worst that has happened to me is having my appartment deleted and a few cases of losing connection. The game is really fun though cant stop playing.

GarrusVakarian1891d ago (Edited 1891d ago )

I agree, i lost my character two nights ago. Any other game and i would be de-motivated to play it. But not this one, its so much fun with friends.

3-4-51891d ago

I've yet to experience that Frustration.

I've not had one problem online yet.

I'm starting to wonder how many of these "problems" are even real and how much of it is just trolls making stuff up or people over exaggerating.

Scrivlar1891d ago

It's all real. I myself have been lucky with no issues but the friends I've been playing online with have been struggling with everything you can think of. Even last night a friend started his 3rd character after the previous ones being deleted, to find that after the tutorial no missions were appearing on map or through his phone.

maximus19851891d ago

well before the fix the problems were very real but as of now im not sure. ive lost alot of character but after the fix now im good with no issues

Elwenil1891d ago

Like I told the last person who made a moronic statement like that, you have to look no farther than Rockstar themselves for proof of these issues. Rockstar has made multiple statements acknowledging the issues most of us seem to be dealing with.

Burackus1891d ago

Yes it's real I lost everything level 24 and a high end apartment and getting online I'd all 50 50 chance, I still love it just sucks losing everything and knowing if it will happen again or not

MysticStrummer1891d ago (Edited 1891d ago )

It's real. It took me three days to be able to play online at all. Then I could play sometimes because of a glitch that let me skip the tutorial, but the character wouldn't save. After the patch, I could play but, more often than not, when I log on I've lost a level or two of progress. During each session of play, it's highly likely that I'll have to restart the game at least once because of a freeze or endless "starting session" or "loading" message. I don't know how much money I've lost because a mission ends and the game freezes.

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hankmoody1891d ago

Sure it may be frustrating but when it's running on all cylinders, it's gaming bliss. I had a blast with it last night and some of my crew mates.

EdoubleD1891d ago

Just lost my character but my money remains. I've tried several times to reload it but it still wouldn't appear.

I give up, for now. Guess I'll probably play on Friday.

abusador1891d ago

Four initial days of crap but after patch on ps3 I've been good and having fun

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