PlayStation 3 Was Delayed, Originally Planned For 2005

When Xbox 360 launched the current generation of consoles in 2005, it was all alone on the market for a full year. But if Sony stuck to its original plans for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 would have had some immediate competition. In interviews conducted for IGN’s History of Naughty Dog, multiple sources independently confirmed that PlayStation 3 was originally scheduled to come out in 2005.

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s8anicslayer1893d ago

“For a while, [PS3 had] no GPU, it was going to run everything with XPUs. The ICE team proved to Japan that it was just impossible. It would be ridiculous. Performance-wise, it would be a disaster. That’s why they finally added the GPU, closer to the end.” Wow..I wonder how that would've turned out

Golden_Mud1893d ago

Yeah it was gonna be a more disaster from what 2006 E3 was , "this game is about the real history of Ancient Japan ......... Now we find this big crab" LOL

tehpees31893d ago


Software_Lover1893d ago

I thought everyone knew that already? I guess not. It was severely delayed. Original launch date made Microsoft rush the 360 out as quick as possible, which backfired.

Add to that the Blu-ray diode problems for the ps3, which caused another delay.

Imagine what would've been if they launched on time and with no extra GPU? They would probably still get more love than Microsoft, lol. Jokes people, jokes

Lovable1893d ago

Microsoft rushing the 360 didn't backfired at all. They become the dominating console until the release of the Wii. They definitely increased their userbase this generation.

Ratty1893d ago

I'm guessing he's talking about the RRoD.

Death1893d ago

The 360 wasn't rushed. The original Xbox was discontinued due to contract issues with Nvidia.

PS3 delay was mostly due to Blu-ray diode production issues. While true, the original plan was to have two Cell cores using one for graphics alone, that was pulled much earlier in favor of a standalone GPU.

Deadpoolio1893d ago

@Lovable: YES it did backfire that damn thing had a 55% failure rate for the first 4 years of the 360s life not to mention all the other issues like failing ports, disc drive missing rubber stoppers and scratching discs as a result...Jesus you Xbots are blind the ONLY reason it dominated which it has NOT since 2011 was because of the year head start and lack of software...If there would have been options NO people would not have bought the knowingly defective hunk of junk, WHICH Micro$haft even admitted themselves they knew it was defective when it launched but they wanted to get it out first

Death1893d ago

Kick me a link where Microsoft admitted they released the console knowing it was defective. Failure rate is a measurement of failures under warranty. The original warranty was one year, so please tell me how you came up with 55% in the first four. You are also forgetting Microsoft extended the three ring failure to three years. While I did experience a three ring failure on my launch console, I didn't pay a dime to get it fixed. This is something Sony never did on any of my previous Playstations that failed within the first couple years. Maybe that is what the blind Xbots were able to see. Microsoft had a failure rate that was well beyond the industry norm. They acknowledged it and took care of their customers. Kind of like what they have done before the Xbox One has even launched. The community said they did not want the proposed features and policies and Micrsoft responded. I don't recall seeing many posts where Playstation fans demanded they pay for online multi-player. Come to think of it I haven't seen many Vita fans complain they don't get enough tired ports either. Thank god the blind Xbots have someone like you to point out the errors in Microsofts ways. Atleast everything is perfect in your backyard.

johndoe112111893d ago


Are you insane? Microsoft deliberately released a machine that they knew had a 50% fail rate just to beat sony to the market and you don't call that rushed?? Seriously??

Eyeco1893d ago (Edited 1893d ago )

"Microsoft rushing the 360 didn't backfired at all. They become the dominating console until the release of the Wii.They definitely increased their userbase this generation."

True but I don't own any stock in Microsoft, I'm a gamer/ consumer, not a business man, or a stock broker, and if the 360 becoming the dominating console means me having to go through THREE different 360's over 2 and half years, spending hours on Microsoft helpline's only for it to cough up the day I get it back this time with a brand new issue, that's at my expense, that ruins my gaming and consumer experience, that makes me weary of purchasing future Microsoft products,

But hey never mind me or the millions of other gamers frustrated with a poorly constructed product, Microsoft a multi-billion company became even richer, they increased their user base, they lead this generation through most of the way, they won, I lost.

FamilyGuy1893d ago (Edited 1893d ago )


I can't believe people still think the way Death does. Its fail rate was insanely high, they spent over $1 billion covering those warranties that were only implemented because the system itself would've been forciby removed from the market if they hadn't. As in it was ILLEGAL TO SELL IT, lawsuits were coming in from left, right and center.
I find it funny that you compare it with the PS3 when Sonys product remained within the legal fail rate percentage allowed.

"The 360 wasn't rushed", LMMFAO
They sent defective hardware to the market rather properly testing and fixing its problems before launch. It was definitely rushed.

Death1893d ago

No question the original production 360 was seriously flawed. It cost Microsoft more than a billion dollars to fix the issues and cost even more in consumer trust. It wouldn't make sense financially to launch knowing this was the case. I wish I could say Microsoft knew the system was "defective", unfortunately it's more a case of incompetence as a hardware designer. Microsoft is relatively new to the hardware market and it showed tremendously with the initial 360 design.

As for Microsoft acknowledging the system was faulty before launch, Dean is a book author, not a rep for Microsoft. An unofficial poll by a magazine is hardly an accurate source for numbers either. I wouldn't be surprised if the failure rate for the original design to be closer to 100% than 50% and it took them years of redesigns to make a very solid product. At the same time, they did take care of their customers with the extended warranty. Shouldn't support from Microsoft make atleast a little difference?

johndoe112111893d ago

@ Death
"At the same time, they did take care of their customers with the extended warranty. Shouldn't support from Microsoft make at least a little difference?"

If I sell you a car that I know the brakes aren't working on and you drive it and crash and then bring the car back to me for repairs and I fix it for free, should I be rewarded and praised?

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OrangePowerz1893d ago

That explains the crappy GPU chip in the PS3.

s8anicslayer1893d ago (Edited 1893d ago )

Actually it shows what procrastination and uncertainty does without proper planning, with the PS4 it's quite the opposite of that of the PS3.

NarooN1893d ago

The GPU of the PS3 -- codenamed RSX, 'Reality Synthesizer' -- was not a "crappy" GPU. It was pretty much a customized GeForce 7800GT, which was a top-end card back in c. 2005, which was when the PS3 was originally supposed to launch.

OrangePowerz1893d ago

I love my PS3, but between the PS3 and the 360 the PS3 has a disadvantage when it comes to the GPU. On the CPU level the PS3 has the clear advantage if it`s a developer who knows how to use the Cell.

FamilyGuy1893d ago (Edited 1893d ago )

Yet PS3 exclusives look better than anything on the 360...

2pacalypsenow1893d ago

a 7800 Gt back in 2006 was like a 770 right now how is that crappy

Hellsvacancy1892d ago (Edited 1892d ago )

And even with that "crappy GPU chip" PS3 games still look better, the best looking games of this entire (console) generation have been on the PS3

The 360 STILL hasn't reached Uncharted 2 levels

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Mustang300C20121893d ago

This was known then nothing new.

vigilante_man1893d ago

I never knew!

Especially the no GPU part. How close to disaster was that. When I think of all the amazing exclusives on PS3 it is scary to think it nearly never happened.

With the delay they should of added a better GPU and gambled with more Ram. But who was to know that Ram would turn out to be so cheap just a few years later.

AnteCash1893d ago

PS3 was to have 2 Cell cpu , 1 made into a cpu/gpu hibrid, but mid 2003 they made a deal with nvidia for the gpu.

andrewsqual1893d ago

Spring 2006 was when it was meant to launch in Japan originally. When Sony announced the delay in April 2006, the internet turned on them like they did with Microsoft last May.

pete0071893d ago

i believe he dreamed of that last night. ps3 was a nightmare in the first 3 years of life. sony bled their asses out of it. not to speak of the crappy games they had to offer so far. i remembre the 600 dollar toaster with about 10 games for at least a year and even so ps fanboys still bought it, now once things turned a bit and sony went the pc approach and msft kept their 360 style natural evolution, not forgetting budget parts also. they cry out loud victory as the only ones on the planet with a voice. ps4 just shows the ps3 failure as a hole project sinks. cell sunked, xdr same way, thanks to nvidia that helped a bit once things got messy

NarooN1893d ago

Your version of the history of the PS3 must be from some alternate-reality universe or something, because that's a lot of BS in your post, lol.

NarooN1893d ago

I think the XPU's were the same as the SPE's, just a different name. I've read interviews where apparently they were gonna have two Cell's -- one taking on the role of the CPU, the other taking on the role of the GPU.

Obviously, this is bats*** insanity, but that's what Krazy Ken was known for, lol.

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