WTF?!: What's Up With Chun-Li's Hands in SFIV?

If you ever suffer an extremely painful injury, some say one way to get your mind off it is to inflict different pain on yourself somewhere else. Capcom apparently believes in this technique, because the only way to explain what the hell is wrong with Chun-Li's monstro-hands in Street Fighter IV is that it's a deliberate campaign to distract anyone who's ever complained about her thighs.

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GutZ313807d ago

Her thumb is as big as my arm.

Sayai jin3807d ago

Yeah that thumb has a bicep. I do not know why they say thate thumb was to take the attention away from her thighs. Her thighs are what everbody liked about her.

perils3807d ago

what the hell? the rest of the hand is fine. hmm maybe zangief died and chun li lost her thumb so they transplanted his thumb onto her hand a la liquid ocelot. every so often she spouts random russian trash talk and she has grown excessive shin hair. yeah thats probably it

AzaziL3807d ago

I'm big and even my thumb doesn't look like that, now those are man hands!

smurfie43807d ago

Maybe its artistic expression. Whatever it is, no being with a vagina should have hands of that size.

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The story is too old to be commented.