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Submitted by ThaTruthMVP 851d ago | video

PS4 vs Xbox One: The Deciding Factor

Max Level: "We are a month and a week away from the launch of the PlayStation 4. While many folks who haven’t tried either console are still in between on their purchase, others who have tried them both have chosen a side based on a certain important component to the console, the controller." (PS4, Xbox One)

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MeatheadMilitia  +   851d ago
As a PC Gamer, I have found myself drawn to the PS4. I don't really know why, but that's the one my wallet would pick; if I were to pick one.
SegaSaturn669  +   851d ago
You've trained your wallet well. No invasive advertising or compromises. I don't think you'd be disappointed with a ps4.
AlexanderNevermind  +   851d ago
Sony had me at Killzone Shadow Fall.......
fullymoated  +   851d ago
X1 had me at Titanfall.......
ChozenWoan  +   851d ago
PC had me at Titanfall
madpuppy  +   850d ago
Sony had me after 5 RROD's.
FamilyGuy  +   851d ago
So no Sony exclusive have sold you yet eh?

What do you think about the controller situation though, would consider buying a PS4 controller to play some of your PC games?

@ 5:33
"had a maximum of 4 hours of time total with the PS4 controller and it's the best Playstation controller ever conceived..."

I've been hearing a lot of positives about it so I can't wait to try it out myself.
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MeatheadMilitia  +   851d ago
I haven't touched the console scene since PS2 so I am not in touch with any of the exclusives for PlayStation. Though I hear and see that most of the exclusives for the PS4 are looking might fine.

As far as the controller situation goes, I rarely use a controller on PC. But when necessary I tend to use the Xbox controller and since mine isn't broke I wouldn't really go out and purchase a new one just because.

When I switch over from a Keyboard to something else, its usually a Joystick/Flight stick for games that require me to Fly Helis and planes.
strickers  +   851d ago
Pad is outstanding. Imagine it feeling familiar as a Dualshock but tighter, more solid and better in EVERY way.
Magicite  +   851d ago
PC + PlayStation = True gamers choice!
TRD4L1fe  +   850d ago
that's a pretty idiotic statement
pete007  +   850d ago
yeah, who gets a playstation better have a pc, atleast for online gaming and real gamers know what im talking bout
pete007  +   850d ago
me, as a pc gamer also, decided the ONE route, after the 360, any one who has kids at home will decide for the best compromisse betwn casual/hardcore, dont get me wrong when i say hardcore, its limited by consoles, i mention the games available, not the specs, to do so i have my supercharged sli pc.
hope they invest strongly on knct side this time, kids love it and what makes my kids happy makes myself
sAVAge_bEaST  +   850d ago
Probably that 100dollar cheaper, more 1st party titles -through out the life of the system...(plus it's classy)
boogey157  +   851d ago
Can't wait to try both controllers
Hufandpuf  +   851d ago
I can't speak for the DS4, but the Xbox One controller feels REALLY good and comfortable. The D-Pad is much better and has almost clicky feedback to it.

My only gripe was that sometimes the LB button was unresponsive or I didn't know if I was really pressing it unlike the RB button.


Yes, it feels much better than the 360 controller. It's smaller so it fits right in the hands and doesn't take too much effort moving the joysticks opposite ways because they are offset and a bit closer than before.

I did try the rumble triggers in Forza 5, they were weird at first, but then I was like "cool". I'm just worried that the rumble triggers might affect your control in a racing game (which is essential) so hopefully it doesn't become a problem if it does.

The grips on the sticks are really good too, it just helps with the control and it doesn't take much to move the sticks now either.

If I was to compare it to any other controller other than the 360, it'd be this:

^ which is the best 3rd party controller I've ever used, even better than the first party 360 controller.
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ThaTruthMVP  +   851d ago
Would you say you prefer it over the 360 controller?
Ragthorn  +   851d ago
Do you know if the Xbox One game pad will work on PC? I really want this controller on my PC, I loved the X360 Controller.
Xsilver  +   851d ago
DS4 because i think they can do more with that controller just my opinion.
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ThaTruthMVP  +   851d ago
You mean since it has a touchpad?
Xsilver  +   851d ago
yeah more inputs arent a bad thing it could be very useful if used right.
FamilyGuy  +   851d ago
There could be some motion stuff that ends up pretty cool down the line too. That light bar makes every DS4 like a Move controller so getting the camera might be worth it eventually, depending on support.
MotoDot  +   851d ago
i think you type massages using the touchpad ( am not sure ) which is faster than using a analog stick
AlexanderNevermind  +   851d ago
Yeah I think you have the option to scroll with the touchpad
2cents  +   851d ago
Neither of the consoles win, the gamer wins every time, no matter what choice they make or even if they decide to get both.

The gamer will always comes out on top.
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ThaTruthMVP  +   851d ago
You're right, gamers do win! But that doesn't mean there's no competition between the Xbox and PlayStation. It's exciting to watch actually!
johndoe11211  +   851d ago
Agreed, but i'm gonna have to call bull on this video. The controllers were not and would never be a deciding factor for most gamers. And it certainly would not cause the rise or fall of either ps4 or xbox one. Unless one of them doesn't work properly that is.
2cents  +   851d ago

especially for non bias gamers who love the games over the consoles and can see the worth of both sony and microsoft.

I am interested to see how the reception is for both sides in the months coming after launch. Although I'm more interested in playing the games.
Reboot  +   851d ago
I have to agree a controller could be the deciding factor for the next gen consoles. Though I lean more towards a PC I always find comfort from my original roots of holding a well sized controller fit for hand size. With the PS4 Controller being more immersive (Touch Pad) for it's users I'm more wanting to try the PS4 over XBOX One's controller.
hollabox  +   851d ago
My decision came down to price to features with the PS4 winning out this Holiday season. XB1 is on my list for January, maybe late December depending on how much I spend on my family.
chrissx  +   851d ago
Dual Shock 4. + I aint gotta worry about aa batteries
Trackboss  +   851d ago
You made a great point about the differences of te controllers. I totally agree with ya!
Software_Lover  +   851d ago
For me there is no deciding factor as I will eventually get both. I want Halo. I want to play whatever Naughty Dog is making. There is just no ifs, ands, or buts about it. I'm not tied to one nor will I ever be I think. I prefer the Xbox controller but that is about it. I've had a NES, Genesis. Super Nintendo, Sega CD and 32x. Playstation, N64. PS2, Dreamcast, Xbox. Wii, ps3, 360.

Fanboy or not, there are just some games you have to play if you truely love games. If you just love a company, for whatever reason that is okay also in my book. I just don't like it when people bash one company, then when the company they love does something similar, then its okay.
ThaTruthMVP  +   851d ago
Yeap. I'm an admitted fan of the PlayStation brand, but as you can see in the video I appreciate anything that's good and see the flawed aspects of gaming for what they are, regardless of who's doing them
Software_Lover  +   851d ago
And IMHO, there is nothing wrong with that. People make it seem as if there is something wrong with being a fan of Xbox or being a fan of Playstation. Nothing wrong with that at all. We are people and we will be different. It's the nature of the beast. Enjoy what you enjoy, just dont bash other for enjoying what they enjoy.
LoveOfTheGame  +   851d ago
No GameCube? Boo, your just a hater lol.

Nah, I'm the same, owned every console from NES to WiiU minus the PS1 and every Sega system(too young to realize/pay for having multiple consoles advantage).

But deciding factors are important, they decide for many that can only get one console, or, in my case, decide which one to get first.

PS: Recommendation to people who will only get one period, who isn't a fanboy, wait a year to have a clearer picture on the next gen.

Edit: Grammatical Errors.
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sigfredod  +   851d ago
PS4 + DS4 = win
thrust  +   851d ago
Xbox one + Xbox live + Xbox controller is my first console am going to get.
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IcicleTrepan  +   851d ago
get both if you can. If you can't, decide if Kinect is something you are interested in, and also the games of each platform.

If you are even marginally interested in the Kinect experience, you should probably get an Xbox One.

Unfortunately there are not many games yet that we can compare, but if you like the games on one platform then pick that platform.

If you really hate the idea of Kinect or don't care about it at all, for sure go with PS4. I honestly don't think you can go wrong with either system, they're both going to be great, but not everyone can afford both.
skydragoonity  +   851d ago
The most reasonable console to get is the ps4. Costs less & is more powerful with great exclusives. Nuff said
RealGamerspeaks  +   851d ago
cheaper and more powerful when do those words ever go together honestly..... and ps3 was more powerful the xbox360 but who won that battle......
WorldGamer  +   851d ago
You chose not to articulate what you were getting at, but I believe in the end, the PS3 beat out the 360 in world wide sales.

I don't know about US only, but even tho it's a huge market, I still think world wide sales are the true indicator of success. The Wii, of course, comes in at #1 for this gen, but I really believe that was a fluke.

Here is a link for you to read through.
Rageanitus  +   851d ago
Get both if you like are a full fledged gamer and get the Wii.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   851d ago
Well if you read the internet X1 sounds bad but any rational thinker knows it'll be great console.


The starting choice for a new console will be PS4 considering it is cheaper.
RealGamerspeaks  +   851d ago
cheaper is not always better...
AngelicIceDiamond  +   851d ago
True, but the cheaper console usually gets an early lead simply because its easier on consumers wallets.
Eonjay  +   850d ago
Except for when its cheaper and just as powerful or more powerful. Then it is better.
EasilyTheBest  +   851d ago
X1 for me, I the opposite too most ppl on this site, I WANT Kinect, I had great fun with the first one and really enjoyed some of the games.
Cant wait too see how improved the new one is..
RealGamerspeaks  +   851d ago
Please STFU this OP of this dumb article dont know what the hell he speaking on.... The XBONE controller is amazing... how i know i played it.... The DS4 is ok for Playstation fans but xbox fans will hate because its not the xbox controller.... but its ok.....

Im so tired of these fan boys making article dissing one console or the other.... we need both to succeed as gamers..... competition is needed....... I have both consoles paid off... why XBOX one online is 1 million times better then psn and structured better.... PS4 exclusive.. they few they do have will be worth it.....
ThaTruthMVP  +   851d ago
How am I a fanboy when I said the Xbox 360 has a better controller and won the generation? I don't get it...
strickers  +   851d ago
I think I've translated your nonsense. Anyway, lots of DS3 haters ( on Weekend Confirmed, Radioradar, Joystic, IGN) are saying they prefer DS4 to XB1 pad.
I've used DS4 and it's best pad I've used. I'm yet to use XB1 pad but it's better than 360 pad, easily
obelix01  +   851d ago
Xbox one. The exclusives & reliability of Xbox live. I want a ps4 eventually.
strickers  +   851d ago
I think you meant to type "exclusives".
For Exclusives, you really need a PS4 ;-)
gamer2013  +   851d ago
X1 easily because more functionality, better online and better games.
Goku781  +   851d ago
Different games instead of cookie cutter games
level 360  +   851d ago
No doubt PS4.

So psyched about future game titles.
SynestheticRoar  +   850d ago
That X-box 360 controller was a misshapen monstrosity. That resulted in giving my friends raw aching hands. After long gaming sessions that lasted for for hours. I learn to turn off the rumble feature, as to lessen the pain. Most the early adopters of the 360 were Ex-Playstation owners. They got the 360 because of limited shipments of the PS3, and the much higher cost. Also individuals like myself that snickered in contempt because I scored one and they didn't. Please forgive my behavior. It was almost 8 years ago. I developed and matured since then. lol. To a moderate extent.
Eonjay  +   850d ago
Yeah, I was a little thrown off by the triggers being connected to the controller. i think they should have left a gap or something.

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