PS4 vs Xbox One: The Deciding Factor

Max Level: "We are a month and a week away from the launch of the PlayStation 4. While many folks who haven’t tried either console are still in between on their purchase, others who have tried them both have chosen a side based on a certain important component to the console, the controller."

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MeatheadMilitia1897d ago

As a PC Gamer, I have found myself drawn to the PS4. I don't really know why, but that's the one my wallet would pick; if I were to pick one.

SegaSaturn6691896d ago

You've trained your wallet well. No invasive advertising or compromises. I don't think you'd be disappointed with a ps4.

FamilyGuy1896d ago (Edited 1896d ago )

So no Sony exclusive have sold you yet eh?

What do you think about the controller situation though, would consider buying a PS4 controller to play some of your PC games?

@ 5:33
"had a maximum of 4 hours of time total with the PS4 controller and it's the best Playstation controller ever conceived..."

I've been hearing a lot of positives about it so I can't wait to try it out myself.

MeatheadMilitia1896d ago

I haven't touched the console scene since PS2 so I am not in touch with any of the exclusives for PlayStation. Though I hear and see that most of the exclusives for the PS4 are looking might fine.

As far as the controller situation goes, I rarely use a controller on PC. But when necessary I tend to use the Xbox controller and since mine isn't broke I wouldn't really go out and purchase a new one just because.

When I switch over from a Keyboard to something else, its usually a Joystick/Flight stick for games that require me to Fly Helis and planes.

strickers1896d ago

Pad is outstanding. Imagine it feeling familiar as a Dualshock but tighter, more solid and better in EVERY way.

Magicite1896d ago

PC + PlayStation = True gamers choice!

TRD4L1fe1896d ago

that's a pretty idiotic statement

pete0071896d ago

yeah, who gets a playstation better have a pc, atleast for online gaming and real gamers know what im talking bout

pete0071896d ago

me, as a pc gamer also, decided the ONE route, after the 360, any one who has kids at home will decide for the best compromisse betwn casual/hardcore, dont get me wrong when i say hardcore, its limited by consoles, i mention the games available, not the specs, to do so i have my supercharged sli pc.
hope they invest strongly on knct side this time, kids love it and what makes my kids happy makes myself

sAVAge_bEaST1896d ago

Probably that 100dollar cheaper, more 1st party titles -through out the life of the system...(plus it's classy)

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boogey1571897d ago

Can't wait to try both controllers

Hufandpuf1896d ago (Edited 1896d ago )

I can't speak for the DS4, but the Xbox One controller feels REALLY good and comfortable. The D-Pad is much better and has almost clicky feedback to it.

My only gripe was that sometimes the LB button was unresponsive or I didn't know if I was really pressing it unlike the RB button.


Yes, it feels much better than the 360 controller. It's smaller so it fits right in the hands and doesn't take too much effort moving the joysticks opposite ways because they are offset and a bit closer than before.

I did try the rumble triggers in Forza 5, they were weird at first, but then I was like "cool". I'm just worried that the rumble triggers might affect your control in a racing game (which is essential) so hopefully it doesn't become a problem if it does.

The grips on the sticks are really good too, it just helps with the control and it doesn't take much to move the sticks now either.

If I was to compare it to any other controller other than the 360, it'd be this:

^ which is the best 3rd party controller I've ever used, even better than the first party 360 controller.

ThaTruthMVP1896d ago

Would you say you prefer it over the 360 controller?

Ragthorn1896d ago

Do you know if the Xbox One game pad will work on PC? I really want this controller on my PC, I loved the X360 Controller.

Xsilver1897d ago (Edited 1896d ago )

DS4 because i think they can do more with that controller just my opinion.

ThaTruthMVP1896d ago

You mean since it has a touchpad?

Xsilver1896d ago

yeah more inputs arent a bad thing it could be very useful if used right.

FamilyGuy1896d ago

There could be some motion stuff that ends up pretty cool down the line too. That light bar makes every DS4 like a Move controller so getting the camera might be worth it eventually, depending on support.

MotoDot1896d ago

i think you type massages using the touchpad ( am not sure ) which is faster than using a analog stick

AlexanderNevermind1896d ago

Yeah I think you have the option to scroll with the touchpad

2cents1897d ago (Edited 1897d ago )

Neither of the consoles win, the gamer wins every time, no matter what choice they make or even if they decide to get both.

The gamer will always comes out on top.

ThaTruthMVP1896d ago

You're right, gamers do win! But that doesn't mean there's no competition between the Xbox and PlayStation. It's exciting to watch actually!

johndoe112111896d ago

Agreed, but i'm gonna have to call bull on this video. The controllers were not and would never be a deciding factor for most gamers. And it certainly would not cause the rise or fall of either ps4 or xbox one. Unless one of them doesn't work properly that is.

2cents1896d ago


especially for non bias gamers who love the games over the consoles and can see the worth of both sony and microsoft.

I am interested to see how the reception is for both sides in the months coming after launch. Although I'm more interested in playing the games.

Reboot1897d ago

I have to agree a controller could be the deciding factor for the next gen consoles. Though I lean more towards a PC I always find comfort from my original roots of holding a well sized controller fit for hand size. With the PS4 Controller being more immersive (Touch Pad) for it's users I'm more wanting to try the PS4 over XBOX One's controller.

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