Pyramid/Aurona & SCEE to Develop PS2 Title Based on Indian Mythological Figure

The Angry Pixel writes: "FXLabs is busy with Dhoom 2.5 and Ghajini, while Trine Studios' got Streets of Mumbai. So where, oh where, will we be seeing an Indian developed game based on Indian mythology, quality not withstanding (at this point, sucking is only half the problem)? Pyramid Saimira and Aurona Technologies (in collaboration with Sony Entertainment) are up for the task, and they'll be summoning the Monkey God himself, Lord Hanuman."

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sonarus3892d ago (Edited 3892d ago )

Can't believe they are still making ps2 games

Fishy Fingers3892d ago

Sell more than PS3 games, also much cheaper to produce.

NO_PUDding3892d ago

Still, might be sensible, I think expanding the PS2 library is a lost cause for this developer as well as Sony.

It's kind of helping no one.

Fishy Fingers3892d ago

They don't care about "expanding the ps2 library" they just want to sell their game and make profit.

"helping no one." No, helping themselves.

deeznuts3892d ago

"It's kind of helping no one."

In some regions PS2s are still outselling 360's and PS3s. Yeah sure, helping no one. How about the millions of existing PS2 owners.

NO_PUDding3892d ago (Edited 3892d ago )

The hardware may be outselling competition, but you both overestimate the software sales found on the PS2.

This title will go so little interest for so many reasons. A new IP would have been money better spent by SCEE on a PS3 development.

Where was Persona on the charts? That was the last big PS2 game. I am genuinely asking, not being fallacious.

Honolulu3892d ago

You better belive it.
Might suprise everyone by being a God of war-caliber game, doubt it though:P
It's still the best console aroundto get, and it's dirt cheap, both for development and the consumers.

With todays situation with hyped up titles with bigger budgets than a golden jumbojet, it makes me happy to see some focus put on the old veteran. :)

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name3892d ago

I have an 80 gig so a new PS2 game means another game for me anyway.