Steal the Fighter Jet Safely & Easily in GTA V

Are you having issues trying to steal the military fighter jet in GTA V? Well here's a how to video on the easiest route in order for you to make it on the base and into the hanger safely without dying. Every once in awhile you may run into a tank but it only happens so often.

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GarrusVakarian1891d ago (Edited 1891d ago )

Its kind of random, burst though the main gate, go straight over the small car park and turn into the first hangar on your left. Sometimes you will be obliterated by a tank as soon as you enter, sometimes you will get into the hangar before they've even noticed you. I recommend making a quicksave just outside the main entrance so if you die you respawn there (then call a taxi and steal it to enter the base with). Also, watch out for the SAM missiles, so frustrating when you think you have escaped and then promptly get blown up.

When you get it, take it straight to Trevor's hangar. There's nothing like flying in the jet while the sun rises or sets behind Los Santos.

GutZ311891d ago

I usually just take a chopper, as they usually dont get alerted until I touch down.

GarrusVakarian1891d ago

When i tried that method the first time i got tanked just as i touched down, the second time i parachuted in and got blown up by the SAM turrets XD.

SeanScythe1891d ago

how many can ride in the jet is it just one?

GarrusVakarian1891d ago (Edited 1891d ago )

Yeah, pretty sure its just one.

SeanScythe1891d ago

Thanks, I haven't had a chance to get to it yet so wanted to know before me and my friend try to steal it at the same time. Would suck to leave the other behind after making it that far together.

GarrusVakarian1891d ago


There is more than one jet in the base, one in the hangar and another left of the hangar. Not sure if there are any more

iceman061891d ago

There is usually one or two jets that sit parked right near the runway. However, there is also at least one guard that will come running as soon as you approach the area. Kill him, jump in the jet, and usually you can get off the ground before the first jeep approaches.