Microsoft adds twist to handhelds with force-sensing technology

Forget multi-touch, or tilt control accelerometers... Microsoft researchers have been working on force sensing technology that would let you bend/twist/stretch/squeeze your handheld device in order to control it.

The research has been carried out at Microsoft's Cambridge lab by James Scott, Lorna Brown and Mike Molloy. You can read their research paper here (pdf). All the images in this post come from the research paper.

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NO_PUDding3683d ago

This thing won't twist fast enough!!!


I can't see how this will be useful yet, but motion sensing did little for me, and it's proved popular on the Wii, and Lair.... oh wait...

Cwalat3682d ago

is this MS answer to PSP and DS ?

a 12" plastic brick that can twist ?


j4gs143683d ago

what can you possibly achieve by twisting things? in the pic there he's twisting a text document.... round of applause people! i can really see how that will come in use. (sarcasm)

jaja14343683d ago

Then you lack imagination.

beans3683d ago

This sounds pretty cool! Just imagine no buttons and the abilty to basically move around and open things by squeezing your hands and turning your wrist! Maybe throw in some analog sticks and MS has something to be really proud of!This sounds like a step in the virtual arena and could possibly be a break through for the next gen gaming!

Lumbo3683d ago

It always sounds great, until you have to USE it, then the novelty drops away fast and you realize how cumbersome the idea actually is :(

Fallen_Angel3682d ago

Ya I actually think this sounds like a cool idea. However it one of those things I think I'd have to try to see if I really liked it or not.

S1nnerman3683d ago

Star Trek ... :)

It sounds great though :)

thereapersson3682d ago

Imagine how sore you would be from playing with that for even a couple hours...

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