G&P: Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Review

A lot of the gameplay that's presented here is fresh and interesting, but that's bound to be overlooked by those seeking the "perfect" prequel to Cloud's 1997 adventure. Still, even if you're not totally satisfied with this game's presentation or the way its story unfolds, this is undoubtedly the way RPG's should be done on the PSP.

Crisis Core's numerous chapter points and compartmentalized encounters mean that it can be played in short spurts – perfect for that morning commute or a quick gaming binge during lunch hour. Until the original Final Fantasy VII is reimagined on the PSP, Crisis Core and its refreshingly unique gameplay should tide gamers over.

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Pug3862d ago

I have to wait until June to get my hands on this, the suspense is unbearable.

Counter_ACT3861d ago

Wow, they're pretty late with their review.

dalibor3861d ago

This game is going to be the sh!t. I wonder if it will be ported to ps2 like twisted metal:head on was? I hope so, my friend would love to play this game.

Lanontscuz3861d ago

i just got it 2 weeks ago and i really wanted it for the back story about the bustersword and sephiroth lol but im really enjoying the game. u gotta be fast with selecting with the r1 and l1 during fights but thats the only con i can say about this game...oh yeah i have not finished the game but is there any connection with angeal having only one wing? bcuz if u will remember on ff7 sephiroth had one wing also during the final boss fight...