Gran Turismo 5 Prologue Intro Cinematic

It's the smell of rubber squealing across tar, the sound of the trackside grass falling beneath your exhaust: race day is here.

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skynidas3803d ago

Awesome, i want this game, i think that this intro is better than the European and the Japanese

Lord Anubis3803d ago

I hate it, they should re do it with the GT 2' (my favorite game by The Cardigans.

Jamaicangmr3803d ago

That video brought me back thanks man.

denied3803d ago

Nothing comes close to this game.GT is gonna own all real life like game out there they ahve the most real graphis you ever see in a you heart out project Gotham n Forza....hahahaha Now thats what i call driving with style

level 3603803d ago

Did'nt really like the very first car that came-out the screen ( mini cooper ) should have been something Japanese and with more sporting pretentions.

Catchy tune.

Great game.

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