Metal Gear Online beta might get another map

Konami rep at NY Comic con has hinted that the Metal Gear Online beta might be getting a third map, rather than just the previously announced two. (Blood Bath and Groznyj Grad)

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St03839d ago

Yea that's what the update was for, added a new map

niall773839d ago

but hay... if they have some other maps they want to put in the final version then go for it

Fishy Fingers3839d ago

Still can't even get an ID....

Starting to get rather annoyed.

Ri0tSquad3839d ago (Edited 3839d ago )

I'm surprised Konami still hasn't fixed their site. Well, here is the guide. It helped me out A LOT.

Don't forget, click the "next" button as fast as you can when your going back to load your info. It's very frustrating but this guide helps. Also, when the terms and agreements are loading don't click agree until the text comes up.

If your having password problems make sure your Konami ID has one capital letter (I just made the first letter captial) and at least one number. The Game ID must have 4 to 16 numbers (I used 6).

Hope that helps.

Fishy Fingers3839d ago

Cheers bro :)

I actually already know about the AutoFormer extension and have been using it for the past 2 days. Actually managed to get it done about 5 minutes ago!!

Game ID: fishy_fingers


jmare3839d ago

The more the merrier. @ nail77, I think there will be more than 5 maps in the final MGO, but I don't know, there may only be five maps. Anyway, I'll see you fools on there tomorrow. Before you think I am stuid/crazy, hear me out. The download started "early". However, it also semms to have coincided with thursday in Japan. Japan is 17 hours ahead of California and when I heard about it was already 11:00 AM. And the way Konami seems to be focusing on Japan, it's possible that the beta will go live when it turns Monday in Japan. I don't know, but it's something to think about.

perils3839d ago

that goes some way to make up for the konami id palaver! im just glad i got mine!

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The story is too old to be commented.