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Gran Turismo 5: Prologue is an odd one. It's not a "full" GT game, nor a demo. As a retail product, it sits somewhere in between -- and that certainly makes it difficult to judge. As the first PS3-powered entry in the popular Polyphony-developed racing series, Prologue marks the beginning of a new generation. Nice as it would be to think of this Gran Turismo 5 precursor as Polyphony's early gift to series fans, the very real $40 price tag overrides that thought. Basically, it's a bone to tide us over until the real game comes out.

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Meus Renaissance3888d ago

Not a bad score considering it's from 1UP

TUFFnNYC3888d ago

Agreed. Actually they stated its hard to judge considering its not a full game nor a demo. Wish some of the other sites looked at it like that. In my opinion i dont think i will buy it. Not that i dont like it but if i buy it now i wont fully enjoy it cuz of GTA4. I think i will wait for the full GT game. But hey things can change so who knows.

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Soren the Cat3888d ago

I've never played a GT game and was wondering how GT5P compared to the free GT game in terms of control, graphics, etc? Is it the same only with more cars and more tracks? Thanks.

sonarus3888d ago

Everything is pretty much the same. Gameplay is much improved and visuals are better as expected. GTHD cars look more shiny though but the lighting effects and all that in prologue blow GTHD and any other game for that matter away. When you ride in a tunnel for a while and emerge on the other end the bright sunlight blinds you for a second its crazy

DJ3888d ago

Looks exponentially better in Prologue. The Professional setting (i.e. real physics) also makes the course a lot more demanding, but a lot more fun, especially on reverse.

yanikins1113888d ago

Way way way better. You dont mind driving around that ridiculous norweigan course when there are other cars around. Handling is vastly improved, cars dont over correct as fast or as violently, 4 more tracks, many many more cars, more views, opponents, online, GT TV. Its great. Finish class A races to unlock class S and quick tune. Buy it man. Just do it.

Soren the Cat3887d ago

Thanks for all the info guys, sounds great, I guess I will pick it up.

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eagle213888d ago

With the features and content Polyphony will add to this game by the full release, we all know GT5 will high score.

USA Today said, "the options are slim, but the experience is powerful".... 1up, I might visit your site more now. :)

Homicide3888d ago

You heard it from 1UP. It's not a demo. Good score though.

gEnKiE3888d ago

I'm having a great time with this game. It'd be nice if people would stop calling this a "demo" considereing it has more than what most racers out their have....

Death3888d ago

To be honest, I feel like an idiot. The car models are stunning, but the lack of customization and damage kind of kill it for me. From what I have read, damage is on the way, but without it, it makes it feel like bumber cars. I can bounce off a rail at 150 MPH in a turn and not have any adverse affects. Kills the notion of a sim. Not being able to upgrade the cars blows my mind. Maybe I missed it, but I don't see anywhere to do this in Prologue. For $20, it's a nice tech demo and something to show your friends. For $40 it should come with tickets to dinner and a movie.


cokzilla233888d ago

you can tune your car once you finish all 3 classes. you'll get the option to "quick tune" your car where you can change the car weight, the height, and i think the gear ratios as well. you can also buy a tuned car when you are in the dealer section. just go to the gran turismo icon. make sure you have cash though, they start around 70,000 and go up to 300,000.

justgamez3888d ago

you judge it. When you get further into the game you unlock penalties and tuning options. Also professional races both on and offline. It's a lot different when you have to pay a price for bumping into objects and cars. If you don't race clean you won't win.

The game takes on a whole new life once you get to that level.

Clinton5143888d ago (Edited 3888d ago )

Oh boy. Tech demo uh? Play it before spewing your usual baseless pessimistic acid. ;)

Death3888d ago

It's not a full game in any sense of the word. It does not have all the features of a Gran Turismo. The customization/tuning is non-existant. The track selection is very limited and you don't really have that many cars to choose from. Traditional demo's are free. Full games are $60. This is worth $20 on it's best day. The ratings this "Prolgue" is getting are very generous.


Clinton5143888d ago (Edited 3888d ago )

You can't convince millions of fans to hate the series or reviewers from praising it's goodness.

Prologue is what prologues have always been. A hefty sampler for the real deal. I'd like to see a demo that offers 60+ cars with 6 tracks with multiple layouts + online play. Please do enlighten us if you happen to find one.

Good gaming.

Death3888d ago (Edited 3888d ago )

I've been a fan of the series since it debuted on the original Playstation. I also have every GT that has been released with the exception of hte last Prologue. I simply don't understand how the Prologues rate so well when their full fledged counterparts rate only slightly higher. As far as bang for the buck goes, the Prologues couldn't be a bigger waste of money. If you think that $40 for this extended demo is worth it, you are either a superfan of the series or have incredibly low standards. I bought it because I really want something that will blow me away and justify my PS3 purchase. So far the only thing that has impressed me is the Blu-Ray movies I use on it. Metal Gear is my next purchase and I am sure I will enjoy it since I am a fan of the series.

I'll find you that nice big demo when you find me a demo that costs $40. I think it will be tough for both of us. Prologue at $20 would be more than fair, especially for the downloaded version.


Grown Folks Talk3888d ago

It wouldn't matter if you were the 1st person to purchase a copy of every iteration of the series. You made an unfavorable comment about a precious Playstation exclusive. 95% of the people on this site are of the opinion that you cannot have ANY negative feelings about something, yet still like it. If you don't like it 100, you are not a true fan. As I've said before, I love my mom, but I don't like everything she does, & sometimes she pisses me off. That's too hard for people to understand around here. Your opinion is only valid if it's the same as theirs.

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