Blu-ray Sales Up 351%

One of the reasons movie studios are hoping consumers adopt Blu-ray is in order to offset continually declining DVD sales. Since they plateaued three years ago, DVD sales have slowly decreased. The first quarter of this year was no different, showing an overall drop in DVD sales of 1.2% from Q1 2007. However, Blu-ray sales saved the day - just as studios have hoped they would - and when combined with DVD sales resulted in an overall increase in sales of 1% over last year.

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SUP3R3524d ago

Blu-Ray marketing has been crazy in those electronic and entertainment stores I've been to.
I can definitely see it replacing the format within the next 5yrs especially since the adoption rate is this high.

sonarus3524d ago

Drop prices on blu ray discs and players and do a ps3 price drop while your at it and watch as blu ray sales continue to rise

Harry1903524d ago

But the market is booming,so,no shock.

sephiroths_revenge3524d ago


Blu Ray : to do list

-Make it cheap as DVD
-Get 100GB Blu Ray disks

SUP3R3524d ago (Edited 3524d ago )

actually 100GB is done just not retail yet.
They're working on 200GB now and so far it's been successful according to TDK.
The 'make it as cheap as DVD' part happens over time as the technology gets older and parts and labor gets cheaper.
DVD's weren't as cheap as they are today when it was 'the new next best thing'.

eagle213524d ago

The more support, the more titles will hit the shelves quicker.

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The story is too old to be commented.