Killzone: Shadow Fall’s Character Classes Explained

Killzone: Shadow Fall, the PlayStation 4-exclusive shooter from Guerrilla Games, will launch alongside the PS4 this November. And if what we’ve played is any indication, its multiplayer modes promise to be quite deep.
Shadow Fall’s multiplayer modes have three character classes to choose from – Assault, Scout, and Support – and Guerrilla has now outlined two of them on the official Killzone website. Let’s learn more about the Assault class and Scout class, shall we?

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mewhy321625d ago

Oh man this game is going to be amazing. A true exclusive for the PS4. Already preordered it with my PS4. Nov cant get here quick enough.

1625d ago
cell9891625d ago

3 classes should help balance out the gameplay even further. I hope they're not tied to specific weapons, but I can see this being the case

sigfredod1625d ago

They are not, on the article state that for example the recon ccan also use assault rifles or sub machine guns

king_george1625d ago


Yeah but did it say if you could use the SAME EXACT assault rifles or sub machine guns? I might've missed that part idk.

On a side note, that teleport thing that the scout does totally remimds me of the smoke escape from Uncharted 3 multiplayer. I can see it getting annoying lol but its very useful for sure if you're the one using it

xReDeMpTiOnx1624d ago

Please don't spread false info.

Guns are tied to certain classes, if you check class articles it will show you the guns avaloable for use.

I believe each class gets like 5 primary

Majin-vegeta1625d ago

Can't wait till a stupid sniper teleports right in front of me so i can knife him ;D.

WeAreLegion1625d ago (Edited 1625d ago )

Thank God. I'm tired of sniper-fest in multi-player games. I enjoy sniping, but how am I supposed to be support if I always get sniped after spawning? I'm looking at you, Battlefield!

dcj05241625d ago

Stick to cover and you'll be fine. In bad company 2 and BF2 was a snipefest but BF3 & 4 you see more egineers and medics.

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