'Cloak of Invisibility' Realized in Theory

Researchers at Toyama Prefectural University and other institutions announced that they theoretically formulated a "perfect invisible cloak."

The invisible cloak generates no reflection or phase delay at all even when an electromagnetic wave passes through it. It was developed with the use of an artificial dielectric material called "left-handed metamaterial," which has a negative refractive index n. It can be said that the researchers created a sort of blueprint of the perfect invisible cloak.

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Lord Anubis3321d ago

lol at gizmodos's pic.

and Gray Fox inches closer to reality. (Metal gear solid)

gamesR4fun3320d ago

yep whats worst i recognize the ummm movie lol

Kakkoii3321d ago

Yeah, I heard about something like this on Discovery Channel a few years ago.

Some people created a material that bends light around it so that people see what's behind you and don't see YOU.

Very interesting stuff.. Robbers dream of it XD.

Tomdc3320d ago

I'd so laugh if it had a shadow :P

Regret3321d ago

Thiefs, military, rapers... What's good use of it?

Fallen_Angel3321d ago

Hey batman used one ..............well Batman Beyond did

Palodios3320d ago

Agreed. Why waste the money for so little good practicality, I have no idea.

marichuu3321d ago

This might be the worlds worst invention since the weapon.

callahan093321d ago

Didn't you see 2001: A Space Odyssey? Pretty sure "the weapon" was the first invention! Who knows...

Adamalicious3319d ago

In Order of The Phoenix we all learned that "the weapon" is love - the BEST invention ever!

Meus Renaissance3321d ago

Honestly this is the most retarded thing ever. Invisibility? Can you imagine the carnage that could cause? Damn. If you were married, imagine you find out some dude is watching your wife shower or undress or some rapists, criminals use it against you and loved ones. Messed up

The Closing3321d ago (Edited 3321d ago )

You've been watching way too much Inspector Gadget.

schommerc3320d ago

lol you would have said that no matter what he said

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The story is too old to be commented.