Scorching Hot Rumors

Come check out some hot new rumors on Red Steel 2, Panzer Dragon, Burning Rangers and more!

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blynx1823866d ago

At least it's not Surfer girl.

SlyGuy3866d ago

should be pretty awesome if they don't rush it

Perverted3866d ago

But lets be honest this what we want, but are we likely to get it? Probably not....
And in all fairness it'd be a heavily modified UT3 for Wii....something like UT2.8....I'm not complaing the Wii needs better games, especially better prettier games.

Red Steel 2 can't be worse than the first and with awesome MP could be good.
Who doesn't like Burning Rangers?
And anything Retro touches turns to gold, I expect a great game from them FPS or not.