SimplyGames boss won't end ransom on PS4 pre-orders

"Offer was manifested by how the distributor allocated stock... we're not changing tack"

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Jayszen1385d ago

Not good enough...and how can we believe what they say? They blamed Sony first then admitted it was a retailer initiative and now it is the distributor's fault. How about trying to look out for your customers for a change?

Douchebag6961385d ago

Something tells me they will hard pressed to stay in business once the dust clears.

LordDhampire1385d ago

Something tells me people will still buy them at a premium price

GryestOfBluSkies1385d ago

this doesn't affect me, but if it did, id strongly have to consider finding a ps4 from another retailer. they deserve to lose customers

ballisticvoodoo1385d ago

"Company director Neil Muspratt told CVG on Tuesday that most customers were pleased to be paying more"

lol, I seriously doubt that.

BX811385d ago

Lol that's funny as he'll. I bet customers would be happier paying $15 to $20 less. What an ass.

GamerXD1385d ago

This guy is a real bitch. Blaming everyone for his idiocy.

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