790° Microsoft Keeps Your Repaired Xbox for 4 Months, Calls You A Thief For Wanting It Back writes, "Microsoft hasn't returned Tiffany's XBox 360 for four months because they think she is a thief, even though she has her original receipt and a credit card statement proving that she is the console's rightful owner. Microsoft repaired the XBox back in January and tried to return it via FedEx, but a shipping snafu landed the box back at Microsoft's service center. Tiffany has called repeatedly. She even sent a letter to Microsoft's legal department, after sending her receipt and statement, asking how else she could prove ownership. That was 22 days ago. She has yet to receive a response."

Read Tiffany's full letter and details to Microsoft after the jump.

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eagle213895d ago

This one is really a shame. :(

Sir Ken Kutaragi 13895d ago (Edited 3895d ago )

GOD!!! Micro$oft BURN you in so many ways!!! ;-D

(Sorry off Topic, or maybe it's not) ;)

Marcello3895d ago

I think we should have a little wip round to gather some cash and buy Tiffany a proper console a PS3 :) then tell M$ to stick there brokenbox up their ass

Bzone243895d ago

"I think we should have a little wip round to gather some cash and buy Tiffany a proper console a PS3 :) then tell M$ to stick there brokenbox up their ass"

She'd still have a big problem though. She wouldn't have any good games available for her new system. Guess she could watch some movies on it and forget about gaming.

lawman11083895d ago

My white 360 had its second RROD but I had an Elite (with Falcon) and ....uggh...a PS3 so I really did not care how long it took to fix (the first time took3 months) besides I heard it was down to 3 weeks out and back. Well....That was BEFORE MS lost my unit, I had to prove I sent it to them before they would admit they lost my machine, I made 2 CS women in India cry and sent so many nasty emails until I found the DIRECT American english speaking phone # (866-506-3826) once I spoke to them and told them how unhappy I was I had a replacement unit in 3 days.

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Ghoul3895d ago (Edited 3895d ago )

wow, i have heard of many incidents on all sides nintendo sony and ms.
None of them are angels and all of them love f*k with you.
But ms should really start to be more carefull those kinda incidents are happening too often for my taste.

sonarus3895d ago (Edited 3895d ago )

As long as people keep sending their 360's in at such a rapid rate, these sort of things will continue to happen. Good luck to her though. Hopefully she gets her console back. Would suck to have to buy a new one. But after going through such a rough time how would she feel sending it back to Msoft again

barom3895d ago

I don't think I've read any articles about Nintendo though.

Ghoul3895d ago

@ barom

nintendo is #1 environment polluter in the technology tree :D hahah

sonarus3895d ago

@Genuine yea i get what you mean but there really is nothing you can do to change that. The news isn't being manufactured be it from a blog or random site. As long as the news is legitimate it is still news. Unfortunately 360 fanboys don't look for bad 360 news so someone else has to. Thats just the was the site works. Last yr this site was over run with random sites and blogs claiming ps3 was the next 3do or sega saturn or whatever. All posted by 360 fanboys and nothing any one can do to change it. This is N4G embrace it for what it is:D. Good news or bad it must come thru

samfk3895d ago

another 360 come microsoft is the devil story on here whod of thought BORING!!

Prototype3895d ago

From Fed EX I can vouch they get an A+ in f-cking up people's orders and doing this to customers. I work for a computer manufacturer and we get countless calls from people complaining to us about their boxes; which we then conference call Fed EX to get things straighten out.

About the 360 situation that is messed up if someone can provide proof and yet still says they "stole" the system; thats laziness on their part and Fed EX.

godofthunder103895d ago

you could read all my articles and i think that all 3 consoles are good systems and never took a side but i don't belive this story.
she complained that microsoft said that the 360 was stolen even after showing microsoft a receit and a copy of her credit card statement then went on to say that one of her friend had the same problem.if it's true that she sent microsoft the prove that she claimed then microsoft wouldn't fight her over this and would have sent it back to her because it's bad pupblisity especialy just over $300 because it's a stupid buisness move and every buisness knows this and microsoft isn't a matter of fact a while back when someone sent in a 360 that was autograph by a bungi game developer to be fixed and an employee at microsoft ereased the autograph when he was cleaning it to send it back to him after it was fixed.when he received it and the autograph was ereased it complained to microsoft about it and microsoft sent him a top of the line 360 autograph by bill gates himself and i think it was by the whole bungi team to,they also gave him games,extra controllers,the halo helment and all kind of other stuff and he was still able to keep the first 360 to and this adds up to a lot more then the cost of 1 system.
if micro claim that it was stolen then something wrong.the 360,ps3,and wii has a number on back of each console and it's open on back the box.each time a system is sold the # is scaned to show what unit was's not just game systems like this but every electronic you can think of,they all have an id # on back of tells what unit was sold at what store and what unit wasn't sold or stolen.when a truck load of ps3 was stolen they knew all the id #s of every console on the truck.i know that ps3 fansboys will say this article is true because it's the 360 but if it was the ps3 they will say it's a lie and vice versa with 360 fanboys.every one need to stop being fanboys and think for a while because if what she claim is true then she would've posted the receit onlong with her article, but the first thing she would have done was sued microsoft for slander and ruining her name because she would get 100s of thousands of $ for something like this and maybe even more but instead of sueing she post a articlet about it on a site where people post articles without any prove and most of them are proving false.
everyone need to think what i'm doesn't make sence to post an article like she did saying she has all kinds of proof but never even post a copy of her doesn't make sence for microsoft to fight her over this if she has proof unless she doesn't.why would micro fight her over this if it isn't true when like i said above they gave a man all kind of stuff when just an autograph was erased on his 360 and they gave him a new one with more autographs,games,extra controllers and other stuff and even let him keep the old 360 they fixed.if it is true like she claimed she would have already sued microsoft for slander because it's an easy case and she would win a lot of money.people need to add up all the facts and if they do they will see that her story just doesn't make any sence

jessupj3895d ago

Fake! We all know girls don't play vidoe games.

They only play with thier wii.

I'm just joking btw :D

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eagle213895d ago

I have approved all the Gears, 360, NPD, etc. news on n4g. You are just mad at the fact Microsoft can't seem to get this "little" problem right. Don't go blaming me. :)

Your post has GTA IV gamefly news?????? Stay on topic. And you don't have to read it, just like the worldwide hardware, europe sales, japan, etc. posts you ignore. lol

Sir Ken Kutaragi 13895d ago

Think your only allowed to put bad News on PS3 on this site!!! ;-D

+ 'bootsielon' us PlayStation Fans can't say anything on the
'Gamer Zone' :-/ Just PlayStation bashing seems to be ok on there :-/


TheEndzor3895d ago

i saw what genuine posted in gamerzone.

he took crying to another level

Genuine3895d ago (Edited 3895d ago )

Yeah, and you 3 went crying to the mods and got me banned from the gamerzone for 30 days. So that brings me to ask, what's it like being such big pu$$ies? The first sony fanboy I run into, I'm busting their teeth out, and I can only hope it's one of the little pu$$ies from this site.

3895d ago
Ghoul3895d ago (Edited 3895d ago )

seriously genuine

you outed yourself as one of the biggest fanboys ive seen on this page, the funny part is you call everyone else beeing a fanboy because they dont share your view.

and now you leave with a big bang insulting everyone because you can't accept that YOUR behaviour was plain WRONG !

have a good time one teamxbox because you certainly wont find a good crossplattform discussion there, but many many loyal xbox fans praising theyre console of choice.

and seeking a place for some mature discussion ?? i must say this place especially the gamer zone is very mature mostly.

well maybe you start at your door mate couse that post (above me) is so childish/ridiculous

Have a nice life, geez take a chill pill and cut the drama....

one more thing
"To all you sony fanboy douchebags, you had better pray to whatever you call God that you are NEVER are face to face with me. Because I promise you, your ridiculious behavior on this site will not go unchecked."

seriously if i knew you personaly i would report you to the local authorities cause THAT behaviour is what scares me in the gaming community, you just threatened others with violence.....

Percy3895d ago

Genuine you should convice as many people as you can to go to that site and never come back. I'd love to see your 12 year old virgin ass come across a grown man and you try to knock him out you'd have to jump and swing up to hit him in the knees. you belong in the gamerzone welcome to the thunderdome biotch.

lawman11083895d ago

Only the older 360 still get it. Any unit with Falcons that was made since last September is RROD free and in Aug of this year they are going to have a whole new chip set. If the 360 was so bad how did it survive the whole RROD? How does it sell almost 8 games per system? 8 x's $60 UDS =$480 PER SYSTEM that =$864,000000 to you retarted people thats almost 1 BILLION in software ALONE

juuken3895d ago

Genuine, you really sound like a moron.
Please, stop before your moronic comments get you into even more trouble.

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kingjkv3895d ago

Is it soo hard to let it go and buy urself a PS3. Seriously i don't know where u were in the past year but Microsoft is not the same company they used to be. U'll save urself time and less stress if u go out and buy a ps3. Sell all ur remainder of xbox accesoires on ebay. Nuff said. Give me bubbles for telling the truth.

Daz3895d ago (Edited 3895d ago )

Both companys are bad as each other. IN fact most companys are the same but you dont relise.

We dont know what happens behied close doors.

Genuine3895d ago

Already had a ps3, sold it and bought my son a 360 for Christmas.

Whoooop3895d ago

"Already had a ps3, sold it"

Yeah... I found a treasure of gold and jewels in the caribbean.. Gold is so last gen, don't like jewels.... left it there.

Imalwaysright3895d ago (Edited 3895d ago )

Why couldnt your son play on your 360? Ahh i get it too much play time and..... o_O

The BS Police3895d ago

In all honesty if I invested alot of hard earned money into something I would not just give up and move on if something goes wrong.

I'm sure if you all were in a similar situation you wouldn't either.

jadenkorri3895d ago

if i had to send in a console to be fixed, i want it back within a month no exceptions, no way in hell would i ever wait 4 months...i would cut my loses and switched consoles and tell MS where to shove it....i hope she gets her 360 back, to me thou, getting it back with an apology would not be acceptable...

jessupj3895d ago

It's a pity your arogance is gonna make you miss out on some really good games. But I guess you deserve it if you buy a second xbox when you could buy a ps3 or even a wii.

Yes all companies have profit as their priority, but ms just goes too far. You all know of the countless stories of how low ms has stooped. Sony and all the others have their stories as well, but ms wins the prize.

And if you disagree please give me examples from both sides.

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