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Beyond: Two Souls is a misstep for Mr. Cage and Quantic Dream, but its failings are not the result of the limitations of Mr. Cage’s preferred medium. That it is interesting at all hinges on its interactive nature. It would be one of the worst movies you’ve ever seen, even though Ms. Page and Mr. Dafoe give fine performances .

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Chapter111686d ago

"But choice is wildly overrated in video games."

That tells you all you need to know about this review.

Kaiou1686d ago

Well , let's wait for more reviews then shall we. To think this was being compared with the Last Of Us a few months ago .

Blackdeath_6631686d ago (Edited 1686d ago )

here is the reviews thread on reddit the game is extremely polarising in that some reviewers are giving it perfect reviews and 80-90 scores while other have completely dismissed it as boring and lacking of any gameplay. pretty much expected reaction but its creating a wave of hate towards this game from people who weren't interested in the story. personally i'm just going to watch a lets play of the game, its just as fun to watch as it is to play because really you're just watching an animated movie

pacosanchez881686d ago

I completely disagree, there are some games where a lets play suffices, this isnt one of them. if it plays anything like heavy rain, then the choices you make change the story. so watching someone else play, watching THEIR story, it wouldnt be nearly as fun as making the choices yourself and seeing how YOU shape the game.

DOMination-1686d ago

Good idea, the experience is probably not much different whether you are viewing a video or "playing" it.

Omegasyde1686d ago

Chuck Norris is not actually human but a physical apparition. He is the collective figure of our imagination which has created him.

The cake is a lie

sonarus1686d ago

i didnt think i was going to play this game anyway. But i love how this review is getting slammed despite the fact that none of us have played it. I didn't even bother downloading the demo because if its anything like the other Quantic dream games i know its simply not my cup of tea.

MadMax1686d ago (Edited 1686d ago )

To think this was being compared with TLOU? Thats because there is no comparison, Beyond is a far superior game! Its different and its actually more enjoyable. I was bored with TLOU and found it tedious and repetitive. i wanted to get it over with.

Same old third person shooter Uncharted style gameplay with just a different coat of paint. Enemies all looked the same and just standard looking. RE and Dead Space did a much better job! Overrated and overhyped. Beyond is a breath of fresh air and a hell of alot better game to me!

Murad1686d ago

Look at the one from rev3.

The_Con-Sept1686d ago (Edited 1686d ago )

This reviewer from NYT is really a buzzkill.

Seriously attacking someones artwork for a high profile game.

I wonder what his review on Dragonball the movie was. Seriously I wonder what his review is on a video game movie because if he gives more than 1 out of any stars on the DBZ movie then he is nothing more than another prop himself. His review was one of the most out of touch with reality.

I Seriously think he plays more CoD than a noob who suddenly decided to start playing Battlefield.

David cage is mentioned 12 times in his article. Seriously he has a beef with mr. Cage himself.

This reviewer has some serious beef with Mr. Cage.

I might as well re write those last two sentences above another ten times just to make sure I make it clear that he attacked Mr. Cage 12 times in his article.

KazHiraiFTW1685d ago

There's nothing wrong with a game heavy on story, but if there is very little interaction you can't blame people for not wanting to pay $60 for what's not much more than your typical movie when normal movies cost $20 to buy or $5 to rent.

Nemesis45671685d ago

If all you did was experience a third person shooter in TLOU game. Then you missed the whole point of the TLOU. And I'd say that is a shame.

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hulk_bash19871686d ago

Haha, choice is wildly overrated? That is the most backward statement I've heard about games in a while. Anyway, I just picked up my copy and can't wait to pop it in.

BozoLoco1686d ago

It's not really. It means that quality >>> quantity. The reviewer means that having a lot of choice isn't always a good thing.

hulk_bash19871686d ago (Edited 1686d ago )

How does that apply to a game that lets you choose the actions you want to take as the main character? The more actions you can choose to take humanizes the character alot more than if you were only given one choice and no options dont you think?

silvacrest1686d ago

without choice aren't you essentially watching a interactive movie?

you gotta wonder if the reviewer actually plays games

Omegasyde1686d ago

I chose not to let Aerith Gainsborough die at the end of disk one of Final Fantasy 7.

The game did not reflect my choice and FORCED me to remove CD1 and INSERT CD2.

smokeyjoekenobi1686d ago

The reviewer says that in defence of the game, it follows what the reviewer states is one of the games problems, in that it promises choice, but when you choose a different path the end result is inconsequential I.e. Despite choosing differently to a previous play through the result is more or less the same. Then it reads 'but choice is wildly overrated in video games'. Context is everything dear boy.

Bobby Kotex1686d ago

Because it's impossible for this game to be mediocre? You fanboys are the worst.

kenshiro1001686d ago (Edited 1686d ago )

Yes, because disagreeing with the review is a crime.

Give me a break.

And this was hardly a review.

andibandit1686d ago

the game was so hyped anyway, anything below 9.5 would be below expectation

Mainsqueeze1686d ago

Lol I bet most of these ppl "arguing" with the review haven't even played the game yet.

kwyjibo1686d ago

"But choice is wildly overrated in video games."

David Cage agrees. That phrase is used in the review to praise the game.

DonFreezer1686d ago

It's quite simple the game has to be bashed because most ps fantrolls praised it to high heavens and blamed Microsoft for the lack of exclusive games on the 360. And we should not wait for more reviews. If this was Ryse getting this score or Dead Rising 3 you would all call the reviewer the best damn thing to come.

Timesplitter141686d ago

I think they have a point, though. Choice in videogames are very rarely significant. No one's gonna spend years developping content that may never be seen by most players. This is why even if you have choices to make, everyone who plays the game will more or less end up in the same place

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Ron_Danger1686d ago

Why does half of this game review talk about David Cage?
It's a videogame review, not a director critique.

isa_scout1686d ago

Yeah, for some reason it felt like the writer had beef with David Cage for over half the article...Weird

Harpers_Ferry1686d ago

Get used to it, because frankly, the game doesn't stand much of a chance for fair reviews due to peoples feelings about Cage.

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Omegasyde1686d ago

The reviewer hates french people obviously.

Gardenia1686d ago


I don't understand either. Suddenly everybody dislikes David Cage for being a bad writer or whatever. I've never heard any complains with Heavy Rain and Fahrenheit. And if you liked those games then you know what to expect from Beyond Two Souls.

So i am going to enjoy playing this game, and only hate David Cage for being French. 'Cause let's face it, nobody likes the French

KUV19771686d ago

Heavy Rain already wanted to be an interactive movie and as a movie it was absolutely terrible. There was plothole after plothole and whoever cares about continuity. The Beyond demo already showed that they did not improve this. So while Heavy Rain may have been new enough for people to be overlooking the fact due to the newness of the concept I am glad that they are not falling for this again.
"It would be one of the worst movies you’ve ever seen [...]" - exactly how I felt about Heavy Rain. It's just not for people who really like good movies, even though it specifically targets this audience.

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isa_scout1686d ago

I'm still very excited to play it once Gamestop opens and I an go pick it up. Games made by Quantic Dream are very niche games. A lot of people hate the interactive movie style games that QD make, but there's also a lot of people that love them.

Lucky for me, I'm one of those people that absolutely love Quantic Dream games. Bad review scores for this game are to be expected, and it shouldn't sway you from purchasing,especially if you enjoyed the demo.

Haki11121686d ago

I'm with you. Played farenheit, Heavy Rain, and beat Beyond two souls I loved them all

isa_scout1685d ago

Lovin it so far can't believe it scored so low...Actually enjoying the story more than Heavy Rains.