See how the Wii Lightsaber works

LucasArts has ahem, 'unleashed' the latest web documentary for Star Wars: Force Unleashed, showing just how you swing a Lightsaber with the Wii Remote (and stylus).

Expectedly, it doesn't look like the flawless 1:1 sabre thwoom-fest we imagined in our dreams, but the first proper Star Wars game of the generation definitely looks better in motion on Wii (and stunning on PS3/360).

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S1nnerman3895d ago

The Wii was built for star wars ... hand me my lightsabre my young padawan and let battle commence! Can't wait :)

kosha3895d ago

ye the first time i saw the wii i thought that

Bubble Buddy3895d ago

Wii star wars will be insane. They should make a double bladed Darth Maul one. Or they should get a wii-mote accessory with lightsaber skins :O.